Little sister wants to dance, so big brothers participate in a dance-off that is admired by millions of people…

If you grew up with a younger sister, you know how much of a pain they can be. You just wanted to spend time with your friends, but she wanted to be in the midst of it all. You adored her even though she was an unwelcome addition. You may have felt compelled to defend her at times.

It’s true that “sibling rivalry” exists. Nonetheless, many big brothers feel sorry for their little sisters. She adores them and wants to spend as much time with them as possible. One charming video demonstrates that big brothers aren’t all evil. Millions of people throughout the globe have seen big brothers come to their little sister’s rescue in a unique manner.

The video begins with a little girl standing in front of the camera. However, with her long, wavy brown hair that covers her whole face, it seems to be a bit spooky. Some viewers have said that the beginning of the video reminds them of the character from the film “It.” Soon, you’ll be able to see she’s as adorable as a button… There’s nothing strange going on here.

As soon as she accomplishes that, this little girl is ready to take the stage. She may be young and little, but she’s got some pretty impressive movements for her age. Simply put, she is kicking her tiny legs as hard and as quickly as they will go. What’s particularly impressive is that she’s maintaining pace with a fast-paced hip hop song.

Then one of her elder brothers joins in with her for a dance party. Even though it’s difficult to determine whether it was planned or not, the way she stares back at him suggests that she was taken by surprise. But she doesn’t let anything stop her from dancing without skipping a single beat.

This has now progressed to the level of a genuine dance-off. You see still another sibling, who looks to be approximately ten years old and who creeps in behind the first brother to the right. All three of them are putting all they have into it. Even if their movements aren’t completely synchronized, it’s still entertaining to watch.

Soon after, a third elder brother joins the dance-off. I’m thinking he’s approximately 12 years old, and although the dance involves his younger sister, he’s very supportive of her. While the three boys are all focused forward, the tiny sister is staring back at them. I believe she is pleased to have her brothers join her in the dance.

Watch the video here:

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