Luna Casaretto skates to the late Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” in a stunning way

Skating is enjoyable!
While we may have all liked skating as children, how many of us have continued to do so? If you have, congratulations! It’s a talent I wish I could have mastered.

Skating not only gets you from point A to point B in considerably less time, but it also makes you seem quite awesome doing it. Whether you use rollerblades or a skateboard, you’ll get some cool points.

Another benefit of skating is the one-of-a-kind opportunity to perform in front of others. After all, you’ve put in the effort, so why not show people what you’re capable of?

All of the above is being done by one young girl. Luna Casaretto is a well-known and respected rollerblade skater.

Casaretto skates for MAGMA PATINAJE ARTISTICO. MAGMA is a figure skating group that skates on the floor using rollerblades rather than on ice. Inline skating is the name given to this type of skating.

Isn’t it cool? Just wait till you see it. You could be breaking out your old rollerblades shortly.
Casaretto skates to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in a 2014 YouTube video.

The skater’s name is called, much as in figure skating, and the skater rolls out onto the floor to shout and clap. Of course, instead of the smooth white ice, we’re used to, she skates out on what looks to be a gymnasium floor.

She starts in the middle of the floor, her head down, waiting for her cue. Houston’s angelic voice fills the empty arena.

Casaretto goes slowly and purposefully. Because the beginning is a cappella, she must be very careful not to deviate from the song’s rhythm.

When she stands, she doesn’t just stand. She bends over beautifully and kicks her legs above her head. She lands with the same grace with which she took off. As she skates to one side of the room, the audience begins to applaud, and cameras flash as she prepares to continue with the rest of the act.

She effortlessly flips and rotates around the gym. It’s tough not to hold your breath as she leaps from the floor and makes her first spin. Can she really pull this off?
She certainly can. She lands it with a smile, and the crowd applauds.

Casaretto builds momentum as the song becomes more intense. She skates a bit faster, making use of the full gymnasium. And, just as Houston reaches the song’s iconic peak, Casaretto begins a fast-paced, one-legged spin that appears to take forever.

Her performance was well received by the audience. It was, after all, rather magnificent!

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