Man heroically catches and saves a cat falling from the third floor of a building

What a fortunate kitten and sister! In Turkey, Zgür Anl was relaxing at a cafe when he observed a cat across the street. That cat was in danger and happened to be in the same apartment complex as his sibling.

He identified the cat as his sister’s when he walked over! The cat had gotten out of a window three stories above (approximately 50 feet high) and was desperately clinging to the sill.

He told the Dodo that he went under the window right away because he “thought the cat would fall at that point.”

And the cat did really slip a few moments later!

Thankfully, Anl arrived just in time, and the cat fell into his open arms.

Latte, the cat, has lived all nine of her lives because of Anl.

“He’s a hero,” stated Anl’s sister of her brother. They claim they’ve taken precautions to guarantee Latte is never at such risk again.

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