Man saved pennies for 45 years… See how much he collected…

How many times have you received change in the amount of $1.00 and forgotten about it?

Because change is inconvenient, most individuals prefer to pay dollars or use credit/debit cards instead but it may be time to reconsider some financial beliefs.

Even if a few pennies don’t seem like much, one guy saved for 45 years and cashed out to create a fortune.

One guy entered a bank, dragging a large dolly behind him while everyone was staring at him, but despite this, he kept going and, with a grin on his face, approached the teller’s counter.

The teller was taken aback and asked how many there were, but the man had been saving pennies for 45 years  and  actually had no clue how much he gathered.

Otha Anders, 73 years,  worked for the Jackson School Board and always loved his job.

Anders began collecting pennies off the street as a hobby, but it quickly became a passion and an all-consuming one. In reality, he believed the pennies were a divine gift and as a result, he decided to quit spending any money  he had found at all.

He kept every penny when he received one.

Anders also made certain that each change he received from a monetary transaction included three pennies.

This was a strange habit but his friends and family were accustomed to his actions, though, the amount of money he collected was mind-blowing.

Otha continued to gather all the pennies he could throughout the years. With the passage of time, he managed to fill 15 5-gallon water jugs with pennies.

He was forced to get the pennies to the bank when he found that the insurance  firm couldn’t cover the penny collection when he sought to renew his house insurance, so he reluctantly went to the bank to cash in his favorite item.

Anders had accumulated $5,136.14 throughout the course of his 45 years of collecting pennies – it works out to around $114.14 each year.

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