Mandy Moore shared the first photo of her baby, which melted everyone’s heart

Mandy Moore has become a mother! On February 23, the actress gave birth to her first kid, who is as adorable as a button. She announced the good news on Instagram, and the first photo of Mandy Moore’s baby boy is already warming hearts.

Moore named her baby of joy Gus, which she said is short for August, in her message. “Gus has arrived. August Harrison Goldsmith, our lovely kid, said, “She started. “He was on time and came exactly on time, much to his parents’ joy.” “We were expecting to fall in love in novel ways, but it went above and beyond anything we could have anticipated.”

Moore signed the message “M+T,” indicating that her husband Taylor Goldsmith assisted in its creation. Moore’s growing baby bump was shown in an Instagram slideshow when the couple first said they were expecting.

The first photo of Moore’s newborn son is seen below.


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Moore’s newborn son arrived happy and healthy, but the birth did not proceed exactly as planned. While she had intended for a home birth, she was compelled to give birth in a hospital, as she stated on the Informed Pregnancy Podcast.

“The grief process over my plan not unfolding as I had planned actually wasn’t really felt until a few weeks later,” she explained. “I was just thinking about other individuals who were planning home deliveries and experiencing a strange sense of jealously.” I know that sounds crazy, but I’m like, “Oh wow, I’m glad for them, but I’m also sort of sorry that I won’t be able to have the experience I was hoping for.”

Moore and her husband, on the other hand, are overjoyed with the baby’s arrival. Little August came in the middle of February, but he is already warming everyone’s hearts.

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