Marc Anthony fulfills the items on the 95-Year-Old Grandmother’s Bucket List by dancing salsa with her and performing for her…

During one of Marc Anthony’s concerts, a loyal granddaughter is brought to tears when she sees the singer salsa dancing with her grandmother, who is 95 years old. The fact that the lady finally got to cross something off her bucket list made the event all the more emotional for her.

During his performance on the Opus Tour in Orlando, Florida, the renowned performer makes fans’ wishes come true in this heartwarming video.

A giant red poster can be seen to the right of the stage, which Marc Anthony notices. A couple of Felicia “Fela” Rodrguez González’s accomplishments are listed on the sign, along with one thing that she has not done but would want to do while she is still alive.

However, she has not danced with Marc Anthony before, and dancing with him is the objective of tonight’s event.

The call to action was devised by Fela’s granddaughter Linda Cristina Santiago, who also served as Fela’s traveling companion for the evening. When Marc Anthony reaches out to them and then invites Fela to join him, it is obvious that she is just as delighted as Fela is.

Next, we see Fela onstage. Not only is she physically fit, but she also has rhythm. Marc Anthony extends his arm to her, she takes hold of it, and together they make their way towards the crowd.

After getting into position, Marc Anthony dances the salsa with the elderly woman, who is 95 years old, and then the attractive actor gives her a spin. He wraps his arms around Fela and gives her an incredible hug before planting a kiss on her cheek.

This really is a breathtaking and unforgettable experience!

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