Marines sing a Neil Diamond song to a flight attendant. Here’s why…

There are some tunes that everyone recognizes.
You may not recall learning them, but these tunes have been embedded in your mind. Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is one of those tunes. “Sweet Caroline” is a classic American song that everyone can sing along to.

It’s a song that may be used in a variety of situations, including a spontaneous sing-along on an aircraft full of Marines.

One airline journey carried a huge number of Marines returning home following a mission in Iraq.

On this trip, their delight at returning home and homesickness came out in full force via singing. The Marines couldn’t help themselves when they discovered one of their flight attendants was called Caroline.

The legendary tune was played loudly enough for everyone to hear, and it was received with thunderous shouts.
It didn’t take long for everyone in the Marine Corps to start singing along to their own “Sweet Caroline.”

Caroline, the flight attendant, appeared to be uncomfortable with the attention at first.

She instantly joined in on the fun after realizing they weren’t going to halt the song. These Marines gave up their family time to serve their nation; the least she could do was sing along with them and have some fun with them. When the chorus came on, no one could stop themselves, including Caroline.

Have you ever met someone who couldn’t stop humming the irresistible “Sweet Caroline” chorus?

Caroline, their darling Caroline, is escorting them home in song.
Throughout the song, flight attendant Caroline dances and sings along with the Marines.

When it comes to “Sweet Caroline,” the Marines’ flights are no different than most. The crowd tends to calm down during the verses, but as the chorus begins, everyone begins to sing the lines loudly. This iconic tune may be well-known, but it is the catchy chorus to which everyone knows the words.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the Marines as they sing in delight on their return home. They had recently returned from a deployment in Iraq and are now able to celebrate their return. More significantly, they are returning safely.

It is still necessary to express gratitude to the Marines for their service.

Ryan, the Marine who released the footage, stated that he did so because Caroline, the flight attendant, requested a copy. It’s fantastic that Caroline discovered the video on YouTube. She remarked,

I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words. This movie features me as a flight attendant, and it was one of the finest days of my life! I adore my work and consider myself extremely fortunate to have it. Thank you all again! ❤️”

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