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The Education Board of Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) decided to end the mask requirement for all students, employees, and visitors beginning April 18, regardless of immunization status.

The new policy applies to all district buildings and vehicles, with the exception of Metro Transit lines, which are still subject to federal “public transportation” masking rules.

District press release stated that while many people will be pleased with the adjustment, it may cause anxiety for others. Staff and kids will be encouraged to choose whether or not to wear a mask.

Even when others are not wearing masks, masks have been proved to protect the wearer.

Vaccination and testing are still top priorities and the district recommends people to ” get vaccinated if eligible”. Students and employees who are feeling unwell should remain at home and be tested for COVID-19.

According to the school, the mask mandate will be lifted while Ramsey County remains in “low to medium” transmission levels. However, if those levels rise to “high transmission,” the district will resume mask wearing, including for staff and educators providing certain “direct student support services.”

Regardless of the amount of transmission, the district “highly” advises anybody who is unvaccinated, ineligible for the vaccination, malnourished — or anyone who supports those who are — to wear a mask.

Students who have just completed a five-day isolation window, as well as those who are being evaluated by a school health expert, should wear masks for an additional five days inside school facilities.

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