Matt LeBlanc had to put his career on hold after “Friends” to be with his sick daughter

“Friends” was one of the most successful TV comedies from 1994 through 2004. It is still referred to as the emblematic remnant of the 1990s.

It depicted the reality of that time period, when there were no social media invasions like now but instead a network of friends willing to assist one another. Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Matt Leblanc are among the show’s familiar faces.

Matt Leblanc was well-known for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani. He was an Italian-American actor trying to make it in show business. The differences in his persona were well-received by the audience.

He was kind and committed to his friends, but he was also a ladies’ man who had several affairs with women. At the same time, Joey, who has difficulty processing fundamental math, enjoys video games.

After “Friends” ended, he appeared in the spin-off “Joey.” Between 2016 and 2019, the actor co-hosted a non-fiction series called “Top Gear” on the BBC.

During his popularity with “Friends,” he dated a number of well-known ladies. He was said to have dated Kate Hudson and Brandi Glanville.

He met Melissa McKnight, a British-American model, in 1997. The actor proposed after a year of dating. They did not, however, marry right away.

Instead, it took them almost five years to exchange their wedding vows. Matt added a new championship to his hat in 2004. He became a girl parent when the couple welcomed their daughter, Marina Pearl.

This was an exciting shift for the TV co-host, who had never been a parent before, but when he saw his daughter, he was overcome with love for her. In his own words:

“I recall the birth of my daughter, Marina. I was in love the moment I saw her, and I had never felt that way before. It seemed unbelievable to me. From that point on, I knew there was nothing that could stop me from loving her even if she crashed my Ferrari.

Marina was born after Matt was cast in the “Friends” spin-off “Joey.” He admitted that the spin-off was nothing like the original and that it was not received as well as he had hoped.

So, after finishing the show, he decided to take a year’s break from performing. However, it quickly became a six-year break. The star was locked up at his cattle ranch in California.

Many years later, Matt said that he was fatigued after ten years of acting on “Friends” and needed the break. Nonetheless, employment offers continued to pour in. He stated:

“I seldom left the house for years and years. I was exhausted. I didn’t want to have a schedule or be anywhere. “That was something I could accomplish.”

“My agent was disappointed. “What’s going on?” most stars ask their agents. I’d contact them and request that they remove my number for a few years. It was a gloomy period. “I was on the verge of a nervous collapse,” the actor continued.

Matt experienced some personal challenges and had to make some decisions during his lengthy layoff. Marina, a 2-year-old girl, was diagnosed with dysplasia, a serious brain disorder, in 2006.

The actor’s marriage to the model ended the same year when he filed for divorce (sources confirmed that it was based on infidelity rumors).

However, a close friend of McKnight’s ex-wife claimed that getting divorce papers from the actor startled her.
This occurred a few months after Matt left the house where he lived with his wife. In addition, he was romantically connected with his “Joey” co-star Andrea Anders.

McKnight was devastated by the entire experience, and she had sought couple’s counseling but was turned down by her ex-husband. Soon after they got divorced, Matt asked Anders to move in with him at his ranch house.

Matt was also wounded by his adultery, which had a negative impact on his marriage, but he was distraught by his daughter’s diagnosis, saying that it was a traumatic event in his life. In his own words:

“My kid was diagnosed with a brain issue. It was a very gloomy time. But I made it through. “Do they not claim that what does not kill us makes us stronger?”

Matt was not the perfect spouse, but he was a loving father, and being there for his daughter was never a question.


He did not retain a lawyer to handle his divorce from McKnight; instead, the pair settled quietly, and their daughter remained their priority as they co-parented amicably.

Marina is little known outside of the fact that she is college-bound and has a slew of interests, including being a daddy’s daughter, binge-watching “Friends,” and her love of horses.

Matt spent a lot of time getting to know Marina and taking care of her when she was having a hard time.

Fortunately, she outgrew the medical problem by the age of 11. Nonetheless, it had no effect on the father-daughter relationship between the two.

Matt conveyed his appreciation for their time together. “Spending time with her has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.” “We have a wonderful relationship, and it is the finest thing in my life,” he persisted.

Since Marina was born, the actor has put raising his daughter at the top of his list of priorities. He has also tried to change with the times in order to be a good father.

Matt stated that parenthood taught him a lot. He raved about being present for his child in 2014, saying he is happy to have learned patience. “I’ve grown a lot more patient than I thought I was capable of,” he says.

Despite his celebrity, Matt has sought to keep his daughter hidden from the public eye. Marina, who is now an adult, keeps her personal information private and even has her own Instagram account.

Marina is little known outside of the fact that she is college-bound and has a slew of interests, including being a daddy’s daughter, binge-watching “Friends,” and her love of horses.


Marina’s father-daughter relationship is so deep that she is immensely supportive of her father’s works, both past and present.

Matt claimed in 2018 that she is a “Friends” fan who dubbed the show “The Joey Tribbiani Show” before learning its true name.

Their love is tremendous and amazing. These two demonstrate that a father and daughter may be as thick as thieves at various periods of their lives, beginning with infancy.

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