Matteo Bocelli, the son of Andrea Bocelli, will make his debut in a movie together with actor Idris Elba…

Matteo Bocelli, a rising classical crossover sensation and the son of the famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, will make his acting debut in a new film with Hollywood royalty, Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton.

The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye, a story written by A.S. Byatt, served as the inspiration for the gloomy fantasy film Three Thousand Years of Longing, which was directed by George Miller.

Together with Dutch composer Tom Holkenborg, better known by his stage moniker Junkie XL, the 24-year-old vocalist has also contributed to the film’s score by co-writing songs for it.

The cinematic song titled “Cautionary Tale,” which includes Matteo on vocals, is now accessible to stream on any platform that offers the service.

On Instagram, Matteo made the following statement in response to the news: “…my new track Cautionary Tale from the motion feature ‘Three Thousand Years Of Longing’ will be accessible on all streaming platforms.”

I would also want to thank George Miller for giving me the role of Prince Mustapha in the movie, i’d want to extend my gratitude to Tom Holkenborg for co-writing this amazing song with me. The time we spent together working was quite enjoyable.

In the following days, I will share with you some video that was shot behind the scenes during the filming of my portions. ”

The following is an excerpt from the movie’s plot summary: “A scholar who is happy with her life comes across a Djinn who gives her three wishes in return for his freedom. Their discussion, which takes place in a hotel room in Istanbul, ultimately results in outcomes that none of them had anticipated.

Andrea Bocelli, speaking on the similarities and differences between his own voice and that of his son, remarked, “Technically, they are quite different from one another, but there is one element that makes them most similar: the attitude.” That distinctive manner in which you express yourself via the sound of your voice.

“Based on this, Matteo and I have a lot in common. However, it is something that cannot be taught to anybody and cannot be learned by anyone. That is a quality that you inherit from your parents.”

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