Maureen McCormick, a former teen idol, struggled with addiction, but she is now having an amazing life with the love of her life, whom she met at a church

young, bubbly, and ideal Marcia Brady was a beloved cast member of the hit television show “The Brady Bunch.”

Maureen McCormick rose to fame as Marcia and continued on the show for five years. On-screen, her life was built on perfection, but in fact, she was far from it.

McCormick dated a few noteworthy people who were enamored with Marcia Brady. Her on-screen brother, played by Brady Williams, was one of her first loves, with whom she enjoyed her first kiss in Hawaii.

McCormick said that she had a couple of dates with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They had met in an attorney’s office and quickly became friends.

The Jacksons were big fans of “The Brady Bunch,” and the actress paid them numerous visits. She drove the singer on multiple occasions when she was 15 or 16, so she considered herself “the older lady.”

The first time “The Brady Bunch” alum discussed their connection was in her memoirs in 2008. They kissed on the cheeks but never on the lips, she said.

The author also discussed her connection with another star, Steve Martin. McCormick reported having a date with the Hollywood legend when he was younger.

After “The Brady Bunch,” McCormick’s life was not one of spectacular romance, as she got addicted to cocaine and suffered melancholy and anxiety.

Thankfully, her knight in shining armor arrived in time to save her, and they have been together for over three decades. Read on to learn more about McCormick’s happily ever after and all that came before it.

McCormick has been refreshingly open about her history, despite the fact that it contains some terrible truths. In interviews and in her book “Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice,” she has publicly admitted some aspects.

In the 2008 publication, the author, who became a heroin addict at the age of 18, discussed how she became hooked to escape her troubled thoughts.

This started right after “The Brady Bunch” ended. She was having trouble coping with her popularity and needed something to fill the void she was experiencing.

As McCormick coped with a family secret—her grandmother died of syphilis in an institution—depression and anxiety crept in. She had transferred the sickness to her mother, who had medication to keep it from spreading into her DNA.

It was difficult to come to terms with these details, and as a brilliant young actress, she sought safety in these harmful behaviors.

It eventually hurt her prospects with producers. In discussions with famous producers such as Steven Spielberg, McCormick seemed unprofessional.

Aside from losing her successful acting career, the actress’s addiction damaged her relationship with her parents, despite her efforts to conceal it from them. She claims that

“My parents almost turned me into the cops. They were nearing the end because they had been trying for years. “I was quite cunning and could conceal very effectively.”

Burning bridges was not the only way the drugs impacted McCormick; unfortunately, she had three miscarriages as a result of her carelessness. She remembered, “When I had each abortion, I was 18, 19, and 20 years old.” It demonstrates how careless I was. “It demonstrates what drugs did to me and how far I slid.”

Cummings and his wife met at a church in 1982 and married in 1985. McCormick never veiled her troubles during their courtship. She was straightforward, which aided the couple in dealing with her issues.

McCormick relied on pharmaceuticals to treat depression and anxiety, and when she stopped using them, it brought back traumatic memories, which she learned to deal with.

Cummings insisted that his wife’s candor has been consistent since the beginning. He further stated that after overcoming his addictions, he was no longer afraid of the actress relapsing. Cummings claims that:

“She was really honest with me from the start. She has always been upfront and honest with me. And I never worried about her reverting to old habits because I figured whatever happened, we’d just deal with it.

Despite the years it took the pair to win, Cummings remained devoted to and supportive of his wife. Surprisingly, he gives her credit for dealing with her drug issues.

He stated that the actress is brave because she has faced and defeated “some really large creatures.”

Despite her candor, McCormick’s relationship with Cummings was far from flawless. She pondered suicide at one point during their relationship—she nearly leaped over a balcony but was saved by Cummings.

Even though it was hard to think straight, the actress was sure and surprised that Cummings loved her and put up with her bad habits.

She said that he was dedicated to the connection and had assumed she needed assistance. McCormick battled postpartum depression after the birth of their child in 1989, and things deteriorated.

It wasn’t until 1997, after earning a role in “Get to the Heart,” that she felt comfortable in her own skin. Cummings was pleased with his patience as she worked on her marriage. She asserted:

“My marriage improved dramatically,” Michael stated that he was pleased that he had waited. “I wish I had tackled my issues sooner.”

Despite making mistakes at first, the actress is happy with her life. McCormick praises herself for a healthy marriage decades after sobriety and a marriage of nearly four decades.

The actress stated that her marriage is her greatest accomplishment and that her spouse is the ideal guy to entrust her life to.

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