Meet the teenager with special needs who has been helping more than 2,000 all this time…

Meet the teenager who has performed a random act of kindness EVERY day since the outbreak began, helping more than 2,000 people and raising more than $53,000 in the process.

Sebbie Hall, an 18-year-old college student, began his charitable endeavors after realizing that some individuals were unable to reach pals due to a shortage of technology during the initial outbreak lockdown.

Originally, the altruistic boy intended to offer his iPad to a buddy, but his mother Ashley Hall advised him to assist others in purchasing what they need.

It was at that point that Sebbie, who has physical and learning difficulties, decided to gather money in order to prevent vulnerable children from experiencing loneliness.

Since then, he has collected tens of thousands of dollars—and counting—by doing over 2,000 random acts of kindness for complete strangers.

His acts of charity, which have been praised by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, include giving out flowers, teddies, and even lottery tickets to strangers on the street.

Sebbie has also established an arts center as well as a charity to assist children who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

In addition, during the previous 17 months, he has paid for 300 families to have adapted information technology equipment, as well as supported a rugby team.

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