Meg Ryan’s kids are all grown up. Look how beautiful and successful they are now

For ten years, actress Meg Ryan was married to actor Dennis Quaid. The former couple married in 1991 before splitting up in a bitter divorce in 2001.

The couple originally split up in 2000, following Ryan’s reported high-profile romance with actor Russell Crowe. According to Today through In Style, she was frank about the breakdown of her marriage to Quaid some years later and admitted that it was not all her fault that they split up.

Ryan stated that the general public was unaware of her broken marriage and that her romance with Crowe eclipsed what she went through in her relationship with Quaid:

“It was an excellent narrative. But what wasn’t in the article was the reality of my nine-year marriage. Dennis was unfaithful to me for a long period, which was excruciatingly unpleasant. “I learned more about it after I divorced.”

Crowe “took a heavy hit,” according to the Connecticut native, before emphasizing that he was not the cause of her union’s dissolution:

“Russell did not end the marriage. “He was undoubtedly present at the end, but it was not his fault.”

Ryan admitted after her divorce that she was “a disaster” and had wounded Crowe. After that, she was unable to seek another serious relationship: “I couldn’t be in another long-term relationship at this time.” So I went outside, and she elaborated.

On “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the actress claimed that her marriage to Quaid was “unhealthy” and that they were both miserable at the time.

Ryan said it does not imply that she was also a “victim” in the controversy, saying her divorce was “sad” and “liberating” at the same time. She insisted that she “did not leave” her marriage because of Crowe but because “it was not working.”

Quaid and the “You’ve Got Mail” star had a kid. Jack, the former couple’s sole child, was born in April 1992.

Years after the divorce, Ryan chose to adopt Daisy, a 2-year-old baby girl from China, in 2006. According to People, during an interview with Redbook magazine in April 2007, the mother of two spoke out about the adoption procedure in a foreign nation.

Ryan said that the procedure incorporates a lottery method since her child was assigned to her at random. However, when asked how she met Daisy, she feels there was nothing of the sort:

“I am persuaded, fully sure, that it was not a random event.” “She is the child I should have.”


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Ryan stated that she was not “on a quest” to have a child and just “wanted a kid.” Her primary objective was to “connect” with someone, which is how she found Daisy. “We’re so similar,” she remarked.

The “Rich and Famous” star stated that she does not feel any difference in how she greets her son and receives her daughter because their affection for them is the same.

In reality, Ryan feels that children are their own persons; as such, how she welcomed Jack into the world is more akin to a lottery because he is unlike her, his father, and Daisy. “It’s just as much a lottery with your own biological children as it is with an adopted child halfway around the world,” she says.


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Ryan went on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in September 2008 and declared that it was “inevitable” that she would be Daisy’s mother one day because of what happened before she adopted her.

Ryan had planned to visit India at the time, and on her way there, she got a snapshot of her future kid with the message, “Here’s your daughter!” She was overcome with emotion at the time and assumed it was fate.

The award-winning actress was scheduled to leave India on the 16th and was informed she might see Daisy on the 18th. Ryan just had to fly for “six hours” to see her kid, so she claimed it was fate.

Ryan stopped performing after having two children and concentrated on raising them. She talked about raising a toddler at the time, saying Daisy was a piece of cake.

“Daisy does not feel strained. There’s no way around it. “She’s easy to get along with and a great hang.”

Ryan lauded her daughter, calling her “brilliant” and “extremely generous,” and saying that she admired her sense of humor. The pleased mother stated that she cannot fathom life without Daisy, which she considers being “wonderful with her in it.” Ryan’s son and daughter “get along well,” and the three of them mix nicely.

Despite being a single mother, Ryan claims that raising her brood alone was not a disaster. Nonetheless, she noted that Jack has a bond with his father and that they are “close,” which he will always have.

Ryan stated that as the lone parent in the family, she was “the one in command, defining the rules,” and that “there’s no tension because you and some other adult don’t agree on how you want to raise your children.”

Ryan’s kid went on to become an actress. In March 2017, Jack told Women’s Wear Daily that he got the “performance bug” at a young age when he used to conduct “magic shows” for his family.

But it was his portrayal of Bottom in a school play production of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” that made him realize he wanted to be an actor for a living.


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Jack also admitted to being a “mama’s boy,” claiming that his mother understands him better than anybody else. He appeared in his parents’ directorial debut, “Ithaca,” a military melodrama. “Our shorthand is great,” the “Hunger Games” actor stated, adding that he attempted to be as “professional” as possible.

Jack, who has acted in films such as “Rampage” and “Logan Lucky,” revealed that his parents are “very supportive” and that when they learned he was “passionate” about acting, they did not discourage him.

Meanwhile, his mother and sister go shopping as a mother-daughter duo. According to HollywoodLife, Ryan and Daisy were spotted at Trader Joe’s in Santa Monica, California, in November 2020.

According to the site, the couple was observed leaving the grocery shop while pulling their cart full of goods to their car. After the couple was seen running errands in Los Angeles in September 2020, plans were made for the trip.

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