Melissa McCarthy says the key to happiness is to marry your “weird best friend”

Melissa McCarthy originally came to our attention as Sookie on Gilmore Girls, but we know her for much more. Soon, we’ll recognize her as Ursula from the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, in which we’ll hear her sing for the first time. To be fair, anyone who follows her on social media has heard her sing in certain ways. For example, she may be fooling around with her spouse. Because those two, along with their children, are truly the ideal family. If you adore Melissa McCarthy, you must also love her family. They are funny, quirky, and always in each other’s corner because they are as quirky, charming, and, most importantly, genuine as the performer herself.

McCarthy’s spouse and longtime colleague, Ben Falcone, has been her husband since 2005, but they’ve been together for 27 years. They met in 1998 while taking the same improv class at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, and they’ve been together ever since. The actress has appeared in films alongside her spouse, including Bridesmaids (he played the undercover cop who sat opposite her on the plane), The Heat, and even some earlier episodes of The Gilmore Girls.

Falcone is also an accomplished screenwriter, and McCarthy has repeatedly served as his inspiration for films such as Tammy, The Boss, Thunder Force (starring longtime family friend Octavia Spencer), and Life of the Party.

McCarthy and Falcone collaborated on one of my favorite Instagram photos ever in July. They dressed up in wigs, she wore a mustache, and they danced around being silly and making each other laugh. Why? Why not, after all?

“The true key(s) to happiness,” McCarthy captioned the photo. “Step one: marry your strangest best friend.” Step two: Have a multitude of wigs in your home at all times.

McCarthy and Falcone received their first child, Vivian, in 2007, and while the 14-year-old has not appeared in many of her mother’s social media postings, she did make her film debut in her parents’ 2017 film The Boss. In the movie, she played McCarthy as a little girl who was sent to an orphanage, even though Vivian was already working on the set of Gilmore Girls when her mother got pregnant for her and the pregnancy was written into the show.

Vivian campaigned hard to be a part of the film, according to her delighted mother, who told E! in 2018. “They kept asking, and we kept saying no for months, until my oldest said, “Am I not permitted to even try?’ ” “I told her, ‘That’s excellent; you went straight to it because I surely can’t say you’re not allowed to try,’ ” she told the site. “So we spent the following month seeing if she’d actually do it.” “She performed an excellent job.”

Vivian seemed to have caught the acting bug following her first taste of set life. Vivian portrayed “young Lydia” in her mother’s role in Thunder Force (currently streaming on Netflix and written by her father, Ben Falcone). And she is undeniably her mother’s daughter—just look at her performance as the class clown. excellent and hilarious timing.

McCarthy and Falcone’s daughter, Georgette, was born in February 2010, and Vivian became a big sister. Vivian and Georgette, like their parents, appear to be quite amusing. so much so that discipline might be difficult. “They get away with it because they’re entertaining,” Falcone revealed to People in December. “They’ll do something [to generate a laugh], and you’ll be like, ‘OK, hang on, that’s not the point.'”

Georgette also appeared briefly as one of the girls selling brownies in The Boss, although it appears that her film career will be as a stunt performer rather than an actor. Her parents purchased her a stunt vest for her 10th birthday last year because she’s such a daredevil. “Well, I purchased her a Hong Kong harness for a standard 10-year-old. It is what you use. It’s a stunt harness, which you wear while you’re being pulled up or in a fight scene. It will also draw you back if there is an explosion in a movie. “And that’s really all she wanted,” McCarthy stated on Ellen. “Because I love stunts so much, I purchased her a baby stunt jacket.”

If Georgette grows out of her baby-daredevil phase, it seems like she may pursue a career in anime design. “She’s taking Japanese classes,” McCarthy explained to Ellen DeGeneres about her daughter Georgette. “She’s so into anime that she’ll walk upstairs right before we leave for school and come down with a complete band of yellow [around her eyes] and say, “I’m ready for school.”

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