Michael Caine celebrates his 90th birthday with his wife of 50 years, who “changed” his life. He walks with a cane since he is unable to walk alone

During an interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” English actor Sir Michael Caine explained how he fell in love with his wife of four decades, Shakira Caine.

While watching TV, Michael recalled falling in love at first sight with the stunning woman he had just seen in a commercial.

“I saw this lady on television in a commercial and instantly fell in love with her; it was a promo for coffee in Brazil.” But I simply looked at her and said, “That’s the lady for me,” and I told my friend, “We’re going to Brazil in the morning, and we’re going to locate her.” Michael explained.

The actor and his two companions walked to a pub, where another man inquired whether they had any ladies. He informed him that he spotted a “beautiful” woman in a commercial and that he was leaving the next day for Brazil to find her.

When the unnamed guy inquired about the ad, he replied, “Maxwell House” coffee, only to discover that he works for the firm. When Michael questioned if he knew the Brazilian lady in the ad, the man said that he did, adding that the woman was Indian and lived on Fulham Road, which was “a mile away” from him.

While it required some effort to demonstrate Michael’s seriousness about her since he obtained Shakira’s phone number from a buddy who worked in advertising, she did not make things easy for him. He said that he had to contact her 11 times before she consented to go out with him.

“If she’d said no (on their date), I’d decided to forget it,” Michael explained. Fortunately for him, she did not, and he has been the happiest he has been in the years they have been married.

Michael said that it took him “eight minutes” to fall in love with Shakira after meeting her, and that it took her “two hours” to feel the same way.

The couple married in Las Vegas in 1973 and had a daughter called Natasha the following year. The Hollywood star’s youngest kid, who has a half-sister, is a former model and Manchester University graduate who stays out of the spotlight.

Natasha Hall is the mother of three children from her marriage to property entrepreneur Michael Hall. The couple married in 2000, but their marriage was dissolved the following year.

Dominique is Michael’s oldest daughter from his first marriage to English actress Patricia Haines. From 1954 through 1962, they were married. In 1956, the former couple gave birth to their lone child.

Dominique, unlike her renowned father, chose a different professional path and became a horse farm owner. Tragically, her mother died in 1977 as a result of complications from lung cancer.

Michael and Shakira have been married for 50 years, and he just revealed the key to their long-lasting marriage in Hollywood:

“You’re surrounded by gorgeous ladies in this profession, but I have one at home.” “I have one of the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever seen, therefore I’ve never been tempted to leave it.”

Michael had a reputation for being a ladies’ man before he met his adored wife. During his visit on “The Dick Cavett Show,” the host remarked that he had read his Playboy interview and thought he was the greatest ladies’ man of all time.

Michael said, “So she put in a bid for ladies’ men and playboys.” Let’s just say I’m not a gentleman’s gentleman. He then pointed out that being married or going out with other men is the polar opposite of being a ladies’ man.

“I am unmarried. I don’t like boys; I like to hang out with women, thus I’m a ladies’ man.” When Cavett remarked that the press had reported on him, Michael called them “lies.”

Michael and Shakira live in the Surrey countryside in a 200-year-old barn. He said he was “deliriously delighted” and cherished the house, calling it his “happy” spot.

The “Batman Begins” actor stated that no other luxury abode compares to his. When people ask where he goes on vacation, he says home.

Michael and Shakira have never been apart during their marriage. She even gave up her jewelry design business to travel with her spouse and film places. Michael believes that being separated for an extended period of time might cause a schism between spouses.

He added that his wife travels with him on business trips as an “intertwined partner.” “She is the other half of my personality. We’re also still madly in love with each other. We have always been and will always be.”

Michael stated that he and Shakira are constantly together and that she is the most beautiful lady he has ever seen. He also stated that she is nice and kind and that she can cook up a storm in the kitchen, providing Italian food. “It doesn’t get much better than that,” he remarked.

Apart from their love for one another, Michael has gone a long way in terms of his lifestyle, which Shakira assisted him in leaving behind. He admitted to drinking drinks and smoking a package of cigarettes every day.

Despite this, the “Zulu” star revealed in March 2017 that he is afraid of getting cancer and wants to see his grandchildren grow up. “I know my days are numbered, and that’s my primary concern,” Michael added.

He said that he had quit drinking frequently and had spent time researching what may help avoid cancer. Michael grew up in good health and is taking care of himself by watching what he eats. He has decided to stop eating sugary, salty, and gluten-filled foods. He did, however, admit to enjoying a bacon sarnie.

The Oscar winner revealed that he lost 30 pounds at the time in order to live long enough to see his grandchildren grow up. “They are six-year-old twins and a seven-year-old boy. I’d like to get the youngster to 17, he elaborated.

In April 2017, the “Interstellar” star appeared on an episode of “The View” and mentioned that he read someplace about the effect grandkids have that said: “Grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you didn’t realize was empty.”

After reading that, he glanced in the mirror and realized he was overweight and needed to lose weight for the sake of his grandchildren’s health.

Michael enjoys being a father and grandfather to three children. He acknowledged that as he ages and begins to think more about death, his grandkids frequently come to mind, which causes him to reflect on life:

“It’s fantastic. My youngsters have fully captured my heart. It’s my finest performance, and I don’t need any recognition for it.”

Michael thanked his beloved wife Shakira for “saving” him from his terrible lifestyle and “changing” his life years ago. He said that if it hadn’t been for her, he would not be alive today.

“I would have died a long time ago if it hadn’t been for her. I used to drink a bottle of vodka and smoke several packs of cigarettes every day.”

In a 2009 interview, Michael stated that his child’s mother had a positive effect on him and that when they received their daughter Natasha, he had less of a desire to go out and drink.

The father of two also said that he was not addicted to alcohol but was a heavy drinker and that if he had continued, he would have died. Michael claimed that Shakira does not drink alcohol and that he not only made his life better, but she also helped save it.

The couple enjoys each other’s presence and is glad to be with their loved ones. Michael extolled his wife, stating she had no flaws, unlike everyone else.

Michael will be 90 years old on March 14, 2023, and old age is catching up with him. The renowned star claimed in October 2021 that he seldom leaves the house, and when he does, it is to go on a drive with Shakira.

The legendary actor revealed that he had a painful leg and a terrible back. In January 2022, “The Italian Job” actor became more open about his health issues, revealing that his spinal cord impacts his leg and, as a result, his mobility.

In the midst of his health problems, Michael stated that his acting days were over since he had reached the age of 89 at the time. The award-winning actor stated that he has over 100 acting credits and feels that they are sufficient. Michael added the author to his resume in addition to his body of work. He said that he has written a couple of successful books.

The actor claimed that he was no longer an actor but rather a writer, which worked in his favor since, as an actor, he would have to wake up early in the morning to come to work, while as a writer, he could simply do it while still in bed. Yet, the actor-turned-author has yet to officially retire. His most recent project is the 2021 drama “Best Sellers.”

Michael said that he had not obtained any acting roles in two years, owing to the scarcity of the projects he wished to work on. He noted that his age had contributed significantly to the scarcity because screenplays focused on octogenarians were nonexistent while he was in his seventies. Michael stated that his intellect isn’t as keen as it used to be at the age of 88, just before turning 89.

Based on this, he chose to leave the performing world to live a calm life with his wife Shakira and spend his $80 million wealth. When asked about his health, Michael stated that he is doing fine but cannot “walk” or “stand” for lengthy periods of time.

Despite this, he finds time to go on dates with his attractive wife. The pair was spotted out and about in November 2022 at Harry’s Pub, dressed up for the occasion.

Michael wore a navy jacket with a blue shirt and black pants. He was seen leaving the central London institution with Shakira, who was also using a cane. With the assistance of employees, he was taken to a waiting vehicle.

Shakira, a former Guyana fashion model, was dressed in a red lace shirt, a black silk jacket, and matching slacks. She completed her appearance with black shoes and a striking red handbag, as well as a set of purple drop earrings.

In March 2022, the former actress said that her husband underwent “spinal stenosis” surgery. The disease is defined as occurring when the gaps between one’s vertebrae shrink, placing pressure on the nerves that run through them.

Because of this, people with this condition have trouble moving, such as trouble keeping their balance or feeling numb. Spinal stenosis also affects the legs and arms, and when you stand up, your lower back hurts. If a person sits, the pain may go away, but it will return as they get back on their feet.

Spinal stenosis is a condition that gets worse as a person ages. It can be fixed with physical therapy or surgery. Nevertheless, there are restrictions to getting surgery because it is only required when a person is unable to walk, participate in everyday activities, or regulate their bladder.

During surgery, surgeons remove a portion of the back vertebrae to allow the nerves to pass freely. Other methods include applying heat or ice, strengthening, getting a massage, or getting acupuncture.

Michael has no son, despite having two daughters. As a result, he was overjoyed when his grandson, Taylor, was born in April 2009. Michael mentioned that his six-month-old grandson liked sitting on his knee and watching football.

The contented grandfather stated that they watched “Sky Sports” together and that he loved babysitting him since he was skilled at it. Michael fed Taylor, held him, and pushed him about the house in a stroller, saying they got along well.

The actor is devoted to his family, loves his kids, and thinks he’s a good father.”Come to think of it, that’s my huge conceit,” Michael said, before adding:

“I am the world’s best father. I have always prioritized my children. I never spoiled them, but I was always available to them.”

His wife was not the only one who traveled to work with him; his children often joined him on set. Michael said that as an actor, he allegedly had a reputation for only agreeing to make films depending on location and pay.

He claimed that was incorrect since he would only take offers that would allow him to spend time with his family while still supporting them.

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