Michael Jackson’s kids speak about their dad: “A lot of people seem to believe our dad revolutionized popular music forever…”

The public’s admiration with Michael Jackson’s private life belies the fact that he was, at heart, a quite introverted individual.

Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson Jr., Paris Jackson, and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II, who now goes by the name Bigi, were Jackson’s children. For the most part they have been kept out of spotlight with the exception of a few very unusual situations.

When any of Michael Jackson’s children do interviews or make public appearances, they almost always talk about their famous father and the legacy he left behind.

There is no denying the affection that Michael Jackson’s children have for their father, and it is quite evident that they will continue to uphold his everlasting legacy.

These days, Jackson’s children are his legacy that will go on: Bigi is still reserved, but he is making efforts to come into his own and become less dependent.

In March of 2017, Paris made her debut in the acting world with a guest-starring role on the television program “Star.”

Around the same time, she secured a deal with IMG Models and began her modeling career. In 2018, Paris made her debut in the film “Gringo,” in which she had a supporting part. In addition to it, she has released songs.

Prince said that “music is a significant part of (his) life and because of my family, it had an influence on who I am now, but I’ve always had an interest in working in production.”

The performance of “Smooth Criminal” was given by the cast of “Smooth Criminal” during the 75th Annual Tony Awards on June 12, 2022.

A number of accolades, including “Best Choreography” and “Best Leading Actor,” were bestowed to the show as well.

On the same same evening, Paris and Prince paid their respects to Michael Jackson as Prince made the following statement: “A lot of people seem to believe our dad revolutionized popular music forever – and who are we to disagree?”

When describing her father’s performance technique, Paris stated it best when she referred to it as “step by memorable step,” which allowed him fully focus in on his “unique style.”

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