Millionaires by luck… How a regular day happened to be the luckiest…

An employee of a restaurant won $10,000,000 via a tipped lottery ticket, though, was later sued by her coworkers, as well by the individual who gave her the tip for the ticket.

A lottery ticket was provided as a tip to a waitress at the Waffle House in Grand Bay, Alabama on March 7, 1999, making Tonda the most fortunate of the five workers who received a lottery ticket in a sealed envelope from their customer.

Later, they claimed that they had formed an oral agreement that the money would be divided among the whole group and initiated lawsuit, but due to the fact that oral contracts were not deemed legitimate in Alabama, the lawsuit was dismissed.

Another lucky guy from New Jersey purchased two bottles of orange juice for $5 when the same product was being marketed at half-price someplace else in the store, so he returned them at his wife’s suggestion, but used the remaining $2.50 to purchase  two lottery tickets and literally walked away with $315.3 million in prize money from his tickets.

The first ticket was not the correct one, but the second one was… bang on! Apparently, the second ticket was “huge!” as the clerk described it and the total sum was $315.3 million dollars.

The man said, chuckling, “I love orange juice now,” referring to his plans for refinancing his home, taking care of his family as well as himself, paying off college debts, and putting a significant amount of money into a college fund for his daughter, among other things.

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