Mom can’t sleep, so she decides to dance with her son in the kitchen

When you can’t sleep in southern Louisiana, it appears that you dance! That was disclosed by one mother in a video of her and her kid dancing in the kitchen. Their spontaneous dance has subsequently gone viral on the Internet.

Lucy Stevens couldn’t sleep on a warm night in Napoleonville, Louisiana, so she decided the best way to relieve her insomnia was to dance.

Lucy has been dancing with her son, Lance, since he was able to stand. After a few years, her kid is an adult, but he’s still up for a dance with his mother.

While the rest of the family looks on, the couple decides to go for a spin in the kitchen together.

“Dear Future Husband,” terrific jazzy music to swing dance to, is playing on the radio. And that is just what they do.

Lucy and Lance glide smoothly over the tiled floor, Lance in his white socks and his mother in shoes, after a minute’s stop to get in sync.

There’s a lot of laughing as the two spin around the room, and Lance’s daughter joins in (from the sidelines), practicing her own routines while watching her father and grandmother.

“When you can’t sleep, this is what you do, baby!” Lucy exclaims as her child joins her in the dance.

In the video below, you can see the mother and son team in action.

As the dance comes to an end, Lucy says something that causes the entire family to burst out laughing, including Lance, who falls to the floor for a while to collect his breath.

The mother and kid have some real abilities, and many other people must agree since the video of their dance went viral, garnering millions of views in a matter of days.

One reader speculates that Lance learned to dance from his mother, saying, “I’ll bet when prom time came alone, he didn’t have to ask anybody; the girls probably battled to get to him first!!”

Another commented on why the video is so endearing: “I just love watching families having fun together.”

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