Mom was devastated as no one was coming to her son’s birthday celebration and decided to turn…

Stone Reynolds couldn’t contain his excitement about turning seven and celebrating the milestone with his friends at school. His mother, Alexandra Reynolds, had spent hours crafting the ideal celebration for her son, who is passionate about legos.

However, Alexandra had not received any RSVPs from Stone’s classmates by the day before the birthday party she was throwing for her son.

She was distraught that her little kid would be spending his birthday alone himself, so she took to a community forum on Facebook to share her feelings about the hardships surrounding her son’s birthday.

She was taken aback by the tremendous reaction she got from other mothers and others in her neighborhood who all joined in to give Stone a party for his second birthday.

And not just any party, but a celebration that everyone in the town came together to assist him celebrate at, making it one that no one will ever forget!

She added, “I was so thankful because a lot of the parents, they got exactly what I was getting at, and I’m just glad for everyone that came together and is here today.”

The birthday celebration for her kid was saved by the combined efforts of the whole town as they organized one of the most memorable birthday celebrations a little kid could have asked for, complete with a variety of exciting activities such as carnival games, zip-lining, and hurling pumpkins into the air.

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