Mother receives a chilling text message from her son that has been missing for 4 years, after he went to see his dad…

Recent search in a garage in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, brought to the discovery of a young boy of 13 years old who had been missing for almost four years. The youngster was found in a concealed chamber that was concealed behind a fake wall.

The police were the ones who found him there; he had been held there for four years and endured appalling mistreatment; despite this, he was certain that he did not want his kidnappers to go to prison…

Gregory and his younger brother went to see their father four years before the police discovered him. At the time, Gregory’s mother and father were divorced, so Gregory and his brother went to see their father alone.

Gregory Jr. said:  “I adore my dad. He extended an invitation to both me and my brother Sammy to visit Atlanta, however, Sammy was let to return home, but she [their step-mother Samantha Joy Davis] would not permit me to return home.”

Gregory’s mother, Lisa Smith, and his father, Gregory Senior, had come to an informal custody arrangement following their divorce. The goal of the father was to prevent the youngster from getting in touch with his mother, so he persuaded the boy that his mother did not want to see him or want him back.

As it turns out, Smith, who is an immigrant and as a matter of fact, is not acquainted with the system, did not report her missing kid to the police because she simply did mot know of the option.

The young man had no choice but to spend each and every day trapped inside the home and helping his stepmother with the chores.

Gregory said: “I felt like a maid. When I told the school counselor what was going on at home, at first they believed me and came to see me at my residence, but since my stepmother had hidden everything, they did not trust anything I said.

She concealed the cot that she forced me to sleep in, the pail that she forced me to use to go to the toilet in and after that, mother pulled me out of school and placed me on a lengthy span of suspension for my bad behavior.

While his stepbrothers and stepsisters slept on beds inside the home, he was forced to sleep in the backyard and wasn’t even permitted to use the restroom inside the house.

“She has not given me permission to celebrate Christmas for the last two years because I have been receiving a penalty for discussing [about how he was treated] at school…

I prayed, I sobbed, and I did all I could to just wait. I promised that I would return home safely, no matter how long it took.

The youngster, now 13, who had been separated from his mother and older siblings for the previous four years was eventually able to get in contact with them with the use of an application called Magic Jack.

Because it is possible for users of the app to contact one another, he utilized it in order to text his family who lives in Florida.

The mother of the youngster made an immediate phone contact to the authorities and informed them of what had occurred as well as the location where her son was being held!

Because Gregory Junior’s stepmother had forced him to hide in the attic of the garage behind a false wall, the authorities were unable to locate him there.

The youngster said, “When the cops left the scene for the first time, my stepmother became quite angry.”

The next time that Gregory spoke to his mother, he detailed for her precisely where she should search and where he had been compelled to hide. The second time, the cops were more prepared and were able to find him exactly where he had concealed himself!

He was so relieved to have been saved that it was almost a blessing in disguise that it happened over the holiday season…

He said: “I don’t care what everyone else receives for Christmas; for me, being reunited with my family is the best Christmas gift there could possibly be.”

Samantha Joy Davis, the boy’s stepmother, and Gregory Jean Sr., the boy’s father, were both taken into custody by the police and charged with the criminal counts.


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