Nancy thought that they must have been pulled over for speeding, but then something unpredictable happened

We’ve all seen sentimental reunion videos of a parent and a child who haven’t seen each other in a long time, but you’ve never seen anything like this.
Kenneth Stahl is a veteran of the military, having served as a private in the National Guard in Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait.
Kenneth’s parents had no idea that he had been accepted to Fairmont State University and was on his way home early from an 11-month deployment to shock them.
Kenneth’s friend recorded the event on video.


Kenneth is hiding in the police car ahead, awaiting the appropriate time to reveal himself to his mother and father. Kenneth’s parents, in the car in front, are signaled to pull over by the cop car, and both cars pull onto a grassy verge.

Kenneth’s parents are probably nervous at this point, as anyone would be after being pulled over by the cops.

Two cops exit their car and approach Nancy and Richard Stahl. Nancy thought they had been pulled over for speeding, but the police told them they had to leave because their car had been linked to a drug deal.

During the dialogue between the police and Kenneth’s parents, a door in the police car opens and another man steps out. He circles the back of the car, awaiting the appropriate moment.

Finally, Nancy and Richard approach the police car, revealing the true reason for their stop.

The back door of the police car opens, and Richard stands speechless in front of his son, who is dressed in a full army uniform.

Nancy then starts screaming and rushes over to Kenneth, pulling him into a big hug.

It’s an amazing scene, and we’re sure Kenneth can forgive him for tricking his parents into thinking they were in a legal situation.

Nancy can’t stop herself from going in for another hug with her son as Richard steps back to wipe his glasses. Any parent knows that, no matter how old their child is, there is no more special moment than holding them in their arms.

A few people commented on Kenneth’s prank on his parents, and while some thought it was a clever idea, others thought it was a little rough! What do you think? Would you forgive your child for making you believe you were in trouble with the law if it meant a special reunion?

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