Nashville gets pumped up as Vince Gill and his daughters perform the national anthem

Before every game, the national anthem is sung. It’s a symbol of brotherhood and solidarity. Even though rival teams will compete, they will remain one and share the same nation. It’s a matter of national pride.

As a result, performing the national anthem is an extremely meaningful event. It’s enormous! The singer will also be featured on social media. As a result, it had better be good!

One of the greatest was in Nashville. Before an ice hockey game, they had Vince Gill and his two daughters, Jenny and Corrina, sing the Star-Spangled Banner. That ice is far colder!

Vince is a country singer, songwriter, and musician who can play a number of instruments. That voice is what sets him apart. The dude has an incredible voice and has been sought after for duets and collaborations by various musicians.

As the speaker introduces Vince and his daughters, the Nashville Predators and their supporters are on their feet, team colors dominating the stadium. Dad and his two daughters are beaming, proudly wearing Predators gear. Team USA!

Jenny joins in, her voice sweetly mingling with her father’s.

The audience was enthralled until they realized they had to join in and sing as well. So they join Corrina as she performs her father’s song.

Look at the stars and stripes on the ice. That’s awesome!
The song was written by an amateur poet and lawyer named Francis Scott Key. After receiving heavy fire from British naval forces, he observed the flag floating above Fort McHenry one early September morning. On the back of a letter, he penned the words.

Key finished the remaining verses and produced many copies in the process. It was published in two Baltimore newspapers before spreading to communities all over the east coast. Actually, there are additional stanzas.

Jenny and Corrina quickly take over the anthem, with Dad on background vocals. They clearly inherited their father’s abilities. These two ladies can really sing! And what better way to demonstrate this than by singing the national anthem live on television?

Even the athletes appear to be moved!

As the girls sing the final two lines, the fans start shouting, their love for their homeland filling the air. Make a big wave!

Vince and his girls were a credit to Nashville. To top it off, Nashville native Brandt Snedeker, an American pro golfer and ice hockey lover, came out to present Vince with a trophy. What a memorable evening!

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