Neighbor asked this man for a favor, but never imagined how it’d change his life forever…

Pets have an ability to transform people’s lives at any age. In response to a post on Reddit, someone shared a touching penned letter they got from a neighbor who looked after their dogs for a brief period of time.

It tells how three animals, Smokey, Oreo, and Jennifer, assisted him in overcoming his feelings of loneliness as a result of living alone.

“As you are aware, I am an elderly gentleman,”  Robert writes in the letter. “I don’t spend much time outdoors anymore since these joints aren’t as beautiful as they used to be.”

His advanced age and lack of social interaction were also having an effect on his health. However, when the creatures were added into his life, he noticed a significant alteration in his daily routine.

It goes on to say that “your dogs are the cutest, funniest, and problematic (in a good way! Don’t worry, they did not mess up the home too much!) persons,” he continues.

“They provided me with the drive I needed to begin my life. I began waking up at an earlier hour in the mornings.

For the first time in years, I started going for walks with your dogs outdoors in the fresh air.”

While Robert received plenty of attention from the pets themselves, the dogs also helped Robert reconnect with other people in his life, something he had been missing.

“I was overjoyed to be able to speak with friends again, engage with people, and feel like I was once again a member of the human race,” he says.

His letter concludes with the statement that his experience pet-sitting has motivated him to get two dogs to keep him company.

“I now go on frequent walks with them to the park, where I meet up with friends I’ve established there.”

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