Newlyweds disclosed something very special about their grandparents, leaving everyone in attendance in floods of tears…Nobody knew this about them before…

After performing their first dance in front of the groom’s grandparents, a newlywed couple moved all of their wedding guests to tears.

There are many traditions and symbolism associated with a wedding ceremony, and the first dance of a newlywed couple is one of those traditions that is greatly valued by the pair.

Traditionally, it is regarded as the formal beginning of dancing by the newlyweds, and it is the most eagerly anticipated time for their guests as well.

However, this wonderful couple chose to let another couple who had missed out on their own first dance at their wedding to have the opportunity to experience it that day, and it was recorded on video for thousands of people to view on social media as a result.

Samantha Estepa, a 26-year-old attorney from Hicksville, New York, and her husband, 27-year-old Zachary Graff, were married on April 2, 2022, but the pair opted to commemorate Zachary’s grandparents, Elaine and Morton, at the reception that evening.

Due to some incident before their wedding, the elderly couple, who were married 65 years ago, had to skip their first dance.

This gesture of compassion by Samantha and Zachary was recognized by all of the wedding guests in attendance, especially the bridesmaids, who were seen wiping away tears as the golden couple danced to the music throughout the reception.

What a kind and nice gesture on the part of this married couple to enable another couple to be the center of attention during their wedding.

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