Nicole Kidman shares a never seen photo from her wedding day to mark the anniversary of her marriage to Keith Urban…

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary by posting endearing messages on various social media platforms.

The 55-year-old Oscar winner commemorated the significant day by releasing a one-of-a-kind photo from the couple’s makebelieve wedding on Instagram in order to mark the occasion.

“Nice XVI. Remember this as if it were yesterday,” the caption of the image stated, which depicted a joyful couple holding candles during their church wedding in Manly, Australia, in 2006.

The word “forever” served as Kidman’s last word in her message. Urban shared a photo on Instagram with the words “HAPPY SWEET 16 BABY xxxxx.”  A few days ago, in honor of his wife’s 55th birthday, Urban posted a touching picture on his social media accounts.

“Happy birthday babygirl,” reads the comment that accompanied the photo of the singer planting a kiss on her head as they celebrate her special day. In spite of the fact that they seem to be the perfect match on the surface, Kidman and Urban have had to overcome obstacles over the duration of their relationship.

Urban spoke about the long-term fight he has had with drink and how supportive his wife has been during this time. He checked himself into a rehabilitation facility in 1998.

“I needed to adjust the way that I interacted with the surrounding world. I’m happy to see that none of my music’s characteristics have been changed. When I was drunk, I came up with several songs that became hits.

When I was sober, I did a lot of writing. I’m relieved that it hasn’t put a damper on my creative process.”

He went so far as to write the song “Thank you,” which conveys the same idea and pays gratitude to Kidman, the mother of his two daughters, Faith Margaret, 11, and Rose, 13, with whom he shares his home.


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