Nine months after the split, Myler announced that he was expecting a baby with his new girlfriend

Former Blue Peter broadcaster Helen Skelton has done very well, finishing at the top of the leaderboard on the BBC’s 100th-anniversary edition of Strictly Come Dancing. But the presenter’s winning Charleston isn’t the only reason she’s been in the limelight recently. Helen Skelton gave birth to her third child, terminated her eight-year relationship, and became a Strictly Come Dancing judge all in the space of a year. But who is Richie Myler, and where is he these days?

The Countryfile host married rugby league player Richie Myler in 2013, and the couple has three children. As previously indicated, they divorced in April 2022 after eight years of marriage. According to the Mirror, the pair was “not in the house together; we’re staying out of each other’s way” and were taking turns caring for their children.

Myler revealed his pregnancy with his new girlfriend nine months after the birth of their third child and their divorce. The Leeds Rhinos player is presently dating Stephanie Thirkill, the daughter of Rhinos president Andrew Thirkill. In July, the pair announced their new relationship to the public via an Instagram image that showed them on a trip to Cornwall together. After getting “hateful and aggressive” remarks, Myler recently made his Instagram private.

According to the Manchester Evening Post, he stated in his stories, “I’ve chosen to make my profile private from now on.” “If you are on here to maliciously share my images or tales about me and my life with other people or to spend your time sending me harsh comments, please unfollow me.” I’m going to start eliminating individuals from my account one by one, so if you’re a true rugby lover and I unintentionally remove you, please accept my apologies and I’ll allow you back! “Thank you very much, Richie.”

Skelton’s Strictly partner Gorka Márquez spoke out during the event on Oct. 15 – the same day Myler announced her pregnancy – to reassure Skelton that she is an “inspirational” and “wonderful woman.” Even though this was not a direct reference to Myler or Skelton’s personal lives, many assumed it was a statement meant to enhance the presenter’s confidence and self-belief.

Skelton has returned to her family home in Cumbria with her three children, six-year-old Ernie, five-year-old Louis, and nine-month-old Elsie, after the divorce. “I suppose if you’ve learned anything about me from this talk, it’s that my glass is not just half full, but I really have a glass.” I have a lot to be thankful for. “I’m not going to be concerned about the one item I don’t have,” she told the Telegraph. Skelton also politely refrained from commenting on Myler’s new partner, adding, “You can’t have an opinion on someone else’s life unless you’ve walked in their shoes.” “And my family is happy, my children are happy, and that’s all that matters in the end.”

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