Noah Cyrus has said that breaking into the music industry “on her own” while coming from a famous family “was really important”…

The singer known as “July” discussed how she was determined to succeed in the music business even though she did not actually have assistance from her renowned family while she was growing up.

“I’d want to use this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that I broke into the music industry on my own terms.

I don’t believe that people truly anticipated me to do it in such a manner, but the fact that I did it on my own will was something that was extremely significant to me. I think that I did it in a very independent manner “.

She went on to clarify that since she had previously been familiarized with some aspects of the profession, “it most certainly did prepare me for things.”

During the same conversation, she said that “nothing really could have prepared me for what I’ve truly gone through in the previous two, three years.”

Noah Cyrus is the younger sister of country music star Miley Cyrus and the daughter of country music musician Billy Ray Cyrus.

And while Noah doesn’t talk about her childhood very frequently, she did so in May 2020, after the release of her track “The End of Everything,” when she went on Instagram Live and emotionally revealed what it was like growing up in the “shadow” of her older sister.

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