Not just delight, but also relief can be seen in the girl’s expressions of emotion after learning she has been adopted…

Paige and Daniel Zezulka, who are from Athens, Georgia, are a couple who are well aware of the significance of starting, nurturing, and maintaining a family unit. Paige and Daniel have taken on the role of foster parents for three amazing children over the course of the last three years.

The adoption procedure is not a problem that can be solved instantly; rather, it is a task that takes a long time.

Ivey, who was the eldest of the three children, had always hoped each and every day to eventually be recognized as Paige and Daniel’s legitimate daughter. She was the only one of the three children who had not been adopted.

Ivey had no idea that her birthday would be the day on which she would get her deepest wish realized. Ivey will become Paige and Daniel’s legal daughter, so after hearing the happy news, Paige and Daniel immediately began thinking of ways to surprise Ivey with the news.

Ivey didn’t realize that the tiny box she was opening on her birthday held the nicest birthday present she would ever get: the gift of family.

“You mean you’re going to adopt me?” Ivey couldn’t believe her lifelong dream of having a whole family was about to become a reality as tears streamed down her cheeks as she questioned how this could possibly be happening.

They are not only a family in spirit, but also a family that is acknowledged by the community.

After completing all of the steps necessary for the adoption procedure on August 24, the Zezulka family traveled to the courthouse to formally acknowledge Ivey and the other two children as members of their family unit.

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