Octavia Spencer discusses the reasons for her emotional response to the birthday homage that Keanu Reeves sent to her…

Many individuals, famous and not, have confirmed to the fact that the actor is among the kindest guys in Hollywood.

One of these individuals is the actress Octavia Spencer, who, during a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” recounted how the actor brought tears to her eyes on the occasion of her birthday.

At first, Spencer intended to commemorate the milestone of reaching her 50th year with a number of meals as well as a vacation to Hawaii with her colleagues. However, because of the widespread epidemic, she was forced to spend her birthday on May 25 inside of a quarantine facility.

Spencer began her big day by uploading a video on Instagram, which she shared with her followers.

“Hey, y’all. She captioned the photo with the following: “I’m sitting out here in the garden, sipping some sangria, munching some potato chips, and listening to Ronnie Milsap in celebration of my birthday.” “Celebrating the big 5-0,” in other words.

Spencer was unaware at the time that her friends had planned a surprise party for her to attend entirely online. In a second video that she uploaded the day after the occurrence, she discussed the happening, although she did not provide too many specifics.

Nevertheless, she revealed that Reeves was one of the people that took part in the surprise during an interview that she gave on October 22 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Her close friends surprised her with a video tribute that included her previous co-stars, close contemporaries, and other notable figures from her life.

She shared her excitement by stating, “They gathered a lot of folks who I’ve worked with and that I like to produce a special video for me. It filled a room.”

“Chris Evans is a really good buddy of mine. Katy Perry is a really close friend of mine, then, Keanu Reeves startled me, and of course, I began bawling like a baby, saying things like, “Keanu! Oh, God!” She remarked, “That was such a wonderful experience!”

Because of a meaningful encounter that she had with the actor in the past, she had such a significant response to the homage that Reeves paid. After relocating from Alabama to Los Angeles, she said that Keanu Reeves was the first star she encountered.

Due to the fact that her automobile had broken down, she was forced to pull over to the side of the road. In addition to that, she had an audition on that day, which made a bad scenario much worse.

Because her vehicle was so filthy, no one was willing to assist her, but eventually, a kind face named Reeves came to her aid.

“He came riding up on a motorbike and was wearing his little motorcycle helmet along with his sunglasses. He said, “Hey, do you need any assistance?” And I’m not even joking when I say this, but I was going to have him get in, and I was going to push it, but he said, “No, no I’m going to push you.” And at this same moment, I’m thinking, “Oh no, he’s going to touch my vehicle!” I felt very ashamed.

Since that life-changing event, Spencer has made it a point to see the opening weekend of each of his films because she believes it “was a kind thing for him to do.”

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