Olan, a 2-year-old boy, wins everyone’s hearts with his storytelling and adorable voice

Using only their imaginations, children may invent the most intriguing stories. But growing up on a farm provides you with a lot of interesting stuff to work with!

Olan is a charming young man from Alabama who loves to tell stories. His family lives on a tiny farm in the country, so his stories can be a little “crazy.”

Fortunately, Olan’s parents record some of his inventive stories and post them on their YouTube channel, “The Real Wild Thornberrys.” While each one is entertaining to listen to (particularly with his lovely voice), one video, in particular, is winning hearts.

Prepare to be entertained by two-year-old Olan’s story about a cow…

Mom assisted him in getting started.
Little Olan is seated with his parents, Gatlin and Maegan Thornberry, who are well aware of their son’s incredible imagination. “I need you to tell me about the cow,” Mom adds as she films him.

That’s all it takes to get Olan’s wheels going! He quickly says, “Oh,” and then launches into a narrative about riding a cow.

This youngster appears to understand what he’s saying.
According to the child, he saddled the “small cow” and began riding it. However, because the animal refused to settle down, he was forced to confine it. But that’s not all…

“But what did the cow do to you?” Mom inquires. Olan’s response: 

“He snubbed me!”

Olan’s accent adds to the enjoyment of his cow story.
The toddler’s Southern drawl adds the finishing touch to his wacky story! The following information on “the drawl” is provided by Babbel Magazine:

“The length of the vowels is what most people refer to as the “Southern drawl.” The vowel is frequently diphthongized, which means it is broken into two syllables. This may be heard in several words, such as “here” as hee-yur or “red” as ray-ehd. Consider Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump.”

Mom and Dad would like to hear another cow story.
They try to get Olan to explain something a cow did to his foot. But he’s not having it! The child is preoccupied with the “small cow who bucked him off” narrative, which means they’ll have to wait till the next time.

The video is so valuable that it has received over 449K views on YouTube.
According to the description:

“Two-year-old Olan is narrating a story about being bucked by a cow. We tried to persuade him to give us a different story about a cow licking his foot and eating his shoe, but as you can see in the video, he had other ideas! “This youngster is incredibly clever, imaginative, and enjoys telling stories.”

Olan has won over hearts all across the internet, with YouTube users writing things like:

“OMG! This is the prettiest little child I’ve ever seen… I adore this video! “It makes me happy!”

Someone else wrote:

“I’ve seen this 10,000 times!” I have it on hand for bad days. “He’s really gorgeous!”

Olan’s inventiveness shines through from start to finish.
When you think the video can’t get much better, he closes it by saying:

“Like how that biker bucked me off yesterday…”

Something tells me that this youngster will be a novelist one day! Until then, congratulations to Mom and Dad for nurturing their son’s wonderful imagination and storytelling skills. Who knows what he’ll think of next?

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