On America’s Got Talent: All Stars, the jaw-dropping performance of the Detroit Youth Choir earned them the Golden Buzzer…

After finishing in second place during America’s Got Talent Season 14, the Detroit Youth Choir has returned to compete in America’s Got Talent All-Stars with the hopes of winning first place this time around.

They captivate and excite the audience with their rendition of the song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.

The Detroit Youth Choir is a part of a 501(c)(3) organization that is non-profit and provides services to young people all throughout the Detroit Metropolitan region. This organization teaches and develops children via the mediums of music education, dance education, and dramatic arts education.

Members of the group range in age from 8 to 18 years old, and the organization’s mission is to provide children and teenagers living in the Metro Detroit area with access to world-class performing art experiences that help them develop their creative abilities and talents.

For their energetic and motivational performance, the choral group was given a standing ovation by all of the judges, and they were showered with many comments and congratulations.

“I’m compl etely and utterly lost for words. Simply said, this was creative wizardry of the highest kind. It is up there among the very finest things. The judge, Simon, said, “I honestly find myself to be rather emotional.”

Howie, one of the judges, was quoted as saying, “It was heart and intensity, it was exhilarating, it was heart-pounding, and it was everything that AGT All-Star should be.

This is a tournament for champions, and that truly was a performance worthy of being called a championship.”

The most dramatic moment occurred when the host, Terry, praised the choirmaster by saying, “Mr. White, you have changed the lives of thousands of young men and women all over,” and as he thanked him for his work, he pressed the Golden Buzzer, advancing them directly to the finals. This was the biggest surprise of the night.

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