On America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell stops a nervous piano player, but at the end, everyone is standing up…

On America’s Got Talent, as Kieran Rhodes sat down at the piano to perform a Billy Joel song, he seemed nervous. However, after being halted by Simon Cowell, he proceeded to play an original song, which won everyone over.

Before meeting the legend Billie Joel, Kieran Rhodes had a deep affection for the sport of baseball. Kieran had an epiphany all of a sudden and realized what he wanted to accomplish for the rest of his life.

Even though he had never played a musical instrument in his life, he still managed to make it all the way to America’s Got Talent for an audition. Kieran was playing his first song when Simon intervened and stopped him.

Kieran was a bit nervous, however, by the time it’s through, everyone is standing!

After Kieran had presented himself to the judges, they heard about his background, including how he had taught himself to play the piano and sing, and how he had even been accepted into Berklee College of Music.

The judges had no doubt that this young guy has potential; all that remained was to coax it out of him. As a result, when Kieran Rhodes started playing a song by Billy Joel, it didn’t feel like it belonged on the stage.

In the midst of the game, Simon raised his hand to indicate to Kieran that they needed to pause for a moment.

At first, he was taken aback, but then Simon invited him to perform a song that he had composed on his own.

Simon wanted Kieran’s skill to be able to show through as much as possible on stage. The song that he selected was one that highlighted the experience of struggling with despair.

At that precise time, Kieran’s musical skill completely astonished both the crowd and the judges. After he finished singing, everyone stood up immediately because it was so upbeat.

In the end, the judges urged him to pursue his ambitions since they believed he had all it would take to be successful. It is enough for him to have faith in himself.

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