On her wedding day, this bride has special vows for her fiancée’s son and his ex-wife, as she…

Even if things haven’t worked quite according to their plan for Jeremy, Casey, and their son Landon, the three of them are still a family.

And after Casey fell in love with Tyler, and Jeremy fell in love with Katie, they decided that it would be best for Landon to be raised in a family setting. And Katie Hild is well aware that the privilege of parenthood is one that must not be squandered or taken for granted.

Katie is tying the knot with Jeremy, her closest friend, today. Katie was aware that by accepting Jeremy’s proposal, she was not only marrying Jeremy, but also marrying the rest of the family, which meant that she would become a “bonus” mother to Landon. This was something that she was prepared for.

Therefore, on the day of her wedding, she made the decision to utter some very heartfelt vows to Casey, Landon’s mother.

During the ceremony, she called for Casey and Tyler to take their places, and then she proceeded to deliver the most incredible words.

She gave her word that she would always keep the lines of communication open with them and that she would do her very best to be a good co-parent. After that, she knelt down in front of Landon and turned to face him.

Because Katie wanted Landon to know that she would always look out for him and love him, she made sure to include those promises in the vows she gave to him.

It is absolutely remarkable to see both sets of parents working together to provide for the needs of their kid.

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