On the day of her birthday, she stood all alone in the road asking strangers to give her a ride to her favorite small café…

Zoe, one active lady who was 80 years old at the time, celebrated her birthday all alone, though, that didn’t stop one lady from wanting to do something maybe a touch risky but definitely enjoyable to celebrate a birthday that marked a significant milestone in her life.

Because she had no close friends or relatives, she was unable to make arrangements for a birthday cake and candles, so Zoe came to the conclusion that she could go to one of her favorite restaurants using just her own two feet.

She started off on her journey and was doing very well walking until the cold started and after that, her progress slowed considerably. Zoe made the decision to seek assistance from complete strangers as opposed to turning around and going back home.

When Matthew Peppersack and Benjamin Whiteleather became aware of the situation, it seemed as if dozens upon dozens of automobiles were driving by the woman. As they got closer to her, their concern mounted as they were unsure if she was in danger or whether she need medical attention.

“She was standing in the middle of the busy roadway and waving down passing automobiles and no one bothered to stop, “Benjamin said. “I stared at Matt. I mentioned to him that she may want assistance and that is when we made Zoe’s acquaintance.”

It came to the attention of the two strangers that the reason Zoe had asked for a trip was because she wanted to celebrate her birthday at her most beloved restaurant.

And without a moment’s hesitation, the two individuals complied. However, they didn’t want her to have to celebrate her special day by herself.

Zoe’s birthday was a memorable one, and Benjamin and Matt were there to help her celebrate.

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