On the day of her wedding, a teacher gets relationship advice from her kindergarten students…

After being uploaded to TikTok, a video showing a woman being surprised at her wedding with messages from her kindergarten classmates is now making the rounds online.

Emily is a new bride who teaches in the kindergarten and during the course of the marriage celebration, two of her bridesmaids surprised her by presenting her with marital advise that had been written by her pupils.

Emily was taken aback when they made the following announcement: “We decided to ask some of Emily’s kindergarteners… what advise they would offer you, what they would give you.”

Emily received the following message from Carter: “Be polite to your spouse and your baby,” while Phoebe instructed her to “have a marital kiss”.

Another student named Brooklyn informed the bride that “she will require decorations,” while another student named Easton told the bride that “she will be gorgeous when she grows up.”

Another student called Evelyn offered some straightforward advice to the future wife, telling her to “respect and have children,” while another student named Haley encouraged her to “have a very fantastic time.”

Their comments and advises were read out to the newlyweds in front of their friends and family and the newlyweds found the replies to be rather amusing. People were made to chuckle by the humorous video.

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