On the day of her wedding, this bride got a surprise letter from someone very dear to her heart, though, that person is no longer with her…

After Todd Excell got the news that he had cancer, he was completely devastated, but, because she was still a little kid, he didn’t want his daughter to have to go through life without him. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he passed away in 2001; his daughter Emily was just eight years old at the time.

The little girl from Liverpool, New York, had to muster up her courage in the years that followed his passing.

As he only had a little bit of time, so he just penned a few lines for one of the most significant days of her life: the day that she got married. In the tender letter that he wrote to his cherished child, he gave careful consideration to each and every word.

In 2016, Emily tied the knot with Shakeal Darbey and, even though the day was filled with love and pleasure, the lady was thinking about her father constantly. She was in for a surprise since he had something special planned for her.

Peter, who is both her godfather and uncle, read the letter that Emily’s father had written 15 years ago, saying: “You are and always will be the center and essence of my being. I am writing you this letter on your wedding day to let you know that while I will not be physically there, I will be with you in spirit.”

Excell shared some words of wisdom with the newlywed couple, advising them to continue to love one another no matter how many arguments or challenges they went through together.

“Always Say ‘I Love You’ to Each Other… It’s just those other feelings getting in the way. Nothing else. Love is the glue that will keep the marriage together.

Throughout the course of the reading of the letter, Emily and her husband did their best to hold back their emotions. The tremendous surprise completely took the bride by surprise, and she couldn’t contain her excitement as a result.

She was grateful to get the letter from her father, and the things he said meant the world to her even if she wished her father could have been there with them.

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