On the occasion of this grandma’s 70th birthday, her family presented her with the most thoughtful gift…

If you have a large family, you are probably aware that it may be challenging to bring everyone together owing to the enormous distances involved and the various schedules that everyone has.

This is the granny who was given a wonderful birthday surprise by her whole family when they were vacationing at Disney World.

Karissa Shaffer, a member of TikTok, uploaded a video on January 29 documenting her grandmother’s magical experience in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which she shared with her three grandchildren and her husband.

The photographer was taking pictures of them in the center of Main Street when he shouted to the crowd, “Everyone, get in there!”

First, their three grandchildren joined them for the photo, and then a group of adults, all wearing Mickey ears and matching t-shirts, sneaked out of the Emporium to pose for a photo with the matriarch of their family.

After after, someone yelled, “Say, ‘Happy birthday!’,” which caused granny to turn around and find the rest of her family standing behind her. Upon witnessing her children and grandchildren, she seems to be overcome with happiness.

Karissa stated in the post’s caption, “When you surprise your grandma at Disney for her 70th birthday.”

The video has been seen a total of 30.6 million times ever since it was first posted.

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