One dream at a time, this young lady living with cerebral palsy runs the world and makes her dreams come true…

Saliwa Zain, or Zanele had her very first trip on a motorcycle awhile ago. Cerebral Palsy was present at the time of Zanele’s birth.

Here, this little legend is living out her wildest goals, checking items off her wishlist, and serving as an inspiration to others.

Zanele has disability, which causes her to have some difficulty with walking so she walks with the assistance of a crutch, and since her ability to speak was similarly affected, she doesn’t talk all that much—well, at least not until she gets to know you.

She did not give up and not only did the lady graduate high school, but she also joined a gym, went on a few dates, and fantasized about riding motorcycles.

How exactly does one get from daydreaming about motorcycles to actually getting behind the wheels of one?

The key is really easy to find… “You tell a buddy, and that friend tells another friend, and that friend recommends something to HR, and to make a long story short, your general manager just so happens to possess a motorcycle.

Additionally, he is known as Werner Grimm, the most incredible GM in the whole globe.

Werner smiled, clicked his fingers twice, and then made the whole of her dream come true once he learned about her fantasy.

Even a leather jacket, a really stylish helmet, and extremely realistic goggles were all arranged for her to wear.”

The two of them drove several practice laps around the parking area before setting out into the open road.

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