One of Shaq’s most devoted fans gets the present he could never ask for – no, it’s not the watch…

In a posted video Shaq is seen announcing to his followers on Instagram that he was ready to give away an expensive Invicta watch to one of his devoted followers.

“I’ve made it all the way to the championship game of the Western Conference, and I’m going to accomplish something really remarkable. I’m about to hand this to a devoted follower.”

It is possible to overhear the man’s daughter asking, “What? “My dad adores you,” the guy seems quite startled, before going on to tell Shaq how thankful he is to meet him and get the magnificent watch as a present.

The guy tells Shaq, “You don’t know it, but you are my favorite man,” and continues on to say this, “i can’t believe it – First of all, brother, I’ve had three heart attacks, and I’m still here and second of all, I got to meet Shaq, and I got to meet Kenny. I can’t believe it.”

The guy cannot believe that he has just been given such a precious watch by one of his idols as he looks down at the watch that he has just been given and then looks back up at Shaq and tells him what the watch means to him. “The watch is not the issue. It’s you, Shaq,” he adds.

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