Pamela Anderson’s Husband of 12 Days Confirms That He Will Leave Her $10 Million in His Will: “I Will Love Her Forever…”

Jon Peters, who was Pamela Anderson’s spouse for a very brief period of time, has included a sizeable bequest for her in his will.

The former Baywatch contestant and the film producer were married for a total of 12 days in the year 2020, although she emphasized in a subsequent interview that they were never really married and that they continue to be friends.

In a recent interview with Variety, Anderson, who is 55 years old, stated the following about Peters: “He is wonderful, and his presence in my life has had a significant impact.

I have an insatiable affection for him.” In addition, Peters, who is 77 years old, disclosed to the publication that he would leave her $10 million in his will “regardless of whether she needs it or not.”

He remarked, “Pamela has and always will have a special place in my heart. In point of fact, I bequeathed ten million dollars to her in my will. And she has no idea that this is the case. Nobody is aware of it. It’s the first time I’ve ever mentioned it to anybody, even you.

It’s possible that I shouldn’t even be bringing it up. So that belongs to her, regardless of whether or not she needs it.” After the couple’s unexpected wedding in 2020, Peters said in an interview, “Pamela’s artistic abilities have never been used to their fullest extent. She has not yet achieved true brilliance in any manner.

If there wasn’t much more to her than what can be seen, I probably wouldn’t care for her as much as I do. There are stunning women lurking around every corner. I could have anybody I wanted, but for the last 35 years, my heart has been set on Pamela.

She drives me crazy – in a healthy manner, of course. She is an inspiration to me, i watch out for her and make sure that she is cared for the manner that she should be.”

After a few days had passed, Anderson said unequivocally to that they had broken off their engagement and never properly submitted the necessary papers.

“The kindness shown toward Jon and my marriage has left me feeling quite touched.

As we take some time apart to reconsider what we want from life and from one another, we would be really appreciative if you could lend us your support during this period. Love is a process, just as life itself is a journey “she had spoken those words at the moment.

“In light of the fact that this is a universal reality, we have come to the conclusion that it is best for us to postpone the formalization of our marriage certificate and have trust in the process. We appreciate your sensitivity to our need for privacy.”

Later on in the same year, Anderson said that she and Peters were “never legally married,” adding, in a statement that she posted on social media, that Peters is a “lifelong family friend.” She went on to say that there were “no hard feelings” and that there was “neither marriage nor divorce,” but rather “just a crazy theatrical lunch.”

Anderson’s marriage to her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, in 1995 resulted in the birth of their two kids, Brandon, now 26, and Dylan, now 25.

In addition to that, she went on to wed Kid Rock, Rick Salomon (they tied the knot twice, although one of the marriages was dissolved), and Dan Hayhurst (a marriage of less than one year that ended in 2021).

Both her new memoir, Love, Pamela, and a new documentary about her life, Pamela: a Love Story, will be released on January 31.

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