Parents away on vacation get a text message from Grandpa that they will never forget…

One thousand and one reasons exist why grandparents are the most wonderful people on the planet.
When it comes to  kids, they are usually the ones that go above and above, breaking regulations, and loading birthday cards with cash.

Above all else, grandparents are kind and trustworthy individuals who will bring a smile on your face every time you see them.

They were certain that their baby Ty would be well cared for by his “PawPaw” as Stephanie Waterhouse and her husband were preparing to leave the city.
However, while on vacation, they started getting amusing text messages back from home.

Stephanie made the decision to share them with the rest of the world, and the internet is laughing over them all!

Upon accepting the babysitting job, David (also known as PawPaw) travelled up from Dallas, Texas to be with his grandson Ty.

Yet, the couple had no idea that he had prepared a hilarious surprise for them while they were gone on their vacation.
Stephanie claims that her father is not a very high-tech person. His flip phone, she said to GMA, is still in his possession, and it doesn’t have access to the internet.

So, when David wanted to give his daughter some amusing photos of her kid Ty, he simply had to think outside the box!
Prepare to be entertained by “Memes by PawPaw.”

PawPaw’s photos started to pour in via text messages.
Each one depicted Ty sleeping next to a piece of paper with a humorous message written on it using his flip phone as a printer.

What a long and difficult process David must have gone through to prepare and practice for this moment!

As a result of her father’s reputation as a “funny” guy, Stephanie and her husband weren’t entirely shocked when the photos began to arrive.
One thing they were certain of was that their kid was in excellent care, and that they could relax and enjoy their holiday away from home.

The fact is that he [PawPaw] genuinely enjoys being a grandpa and spending time with his grandson Ty. “It’s wonderful to be able to sit back and relax, knowing that my kid is enjoying the time of his life with his incredible Pawpaw.”

Watch the video below:

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