Parents will never forget the 50th wedding anniversary gift they received from their children

This couple never expected to see their 1965 Mustang again, 50 years after driving away from their wedding with it. On the other hand, Tim and Ruth Bredahl’s girls had a wonderful surprise in store for them.

Tim and Ruth started their marriage in a red Mustang. Tim had saved up all of his money shortly before his wedding to buy the automobile on their wedding day. The Mustang remained in the family for 30 years until being sold.

When his daughter, Michelle, spotted the identical automobile in a broker’s warehouse, she and her sister, Heather, realized they had found their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary gift.

The couple unwrapped their gift together and discovered a little red sports car inside, along with the keys to their original ’65 Mustang! The vehicle also sports the ideal bumper banner, “Just Married!” It was 50 years ago. The same girl The same individual. “The same car.”

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