Paul McCartney helps his daughter to pay tribute to his late wife

Paul and Linda McCartney had a wonderful love story that culminated in three children; Linda also had a daughter from a previous relationship. They have three daughters and one son.

Linda died in April 1998, 24 years ago. While she has been gone for a long time, it has grown more difficult for her family to accept that she is no longer alive. Her kid recently shared her emotions about this.

Mary, Paul and Linda’s daughter, grew up in Abbey Road Studios, the iconic recording studios that have seen many notable performers, including Paul and his Beatles comrades.

Mary planned to make a documentary on the studios called “If These Walls Could Sing,” and she said she begged her father for assistance. She said that she had no clue how much history existed at the studios.

She described how working on the documentary helped her immerse herself in the studios and reconnect with her mother. Mary stated in the documentary about how she paid tribute to her mother:

“I adore the photo of my mother crossing the zebra crossing. She had a small pony in London, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to [make the film].  I smuggled her into it a couple of times, and there’s a tribute to her. She’s my inspiration.”

Mary stated that she enlisted her father’s assistance in filming the video. Paul is claimed to have assisted his daughter by offering her advice on the studio and sharing anecdotes about his visits there.

Paul and Linda met in 1967 at London’s Bag O’ Nails nightclub. Linda, despite being an American, was in London to photograph Paul for a book called “Rock and Other Four-Letter Words.” Paul was seen as the most desirable Beatle at the time.

However, he knew he had lost his heart to Linda as soon as he laid eyes on her. Just over a year later, the pair married, and Linda supported her husband through some difficult periods in his life.

Linda helped her husband discover a new way of life when The Beatles broke up in 1970. They relocated to Scotland together and established a life with Linda’s daughter, Heather, whom Paul adopted.

The couple had 56 glorious years together before Linda died in 1998, when she was 56 years old. Linda died after a long fight with breast cancer. Paul was devastated.

Linda was Paul’s second wife and died of breast cancer. He also lost his mother to breast cancer when he was 14 years old. His mother died when he was just 47 years old. Paul named his daughter Mary after his mother.

Paul spent his time grieving after the death of his wife. Paul explained how his wife’s death affected him and how he dealt with becoming a single parent of four:

“I guess I sobbed on and off for nearly a year.”

He claimed he kept expecting to see the woman he loved enter the room one more time, but she never did. He acknowledged being humiliated, but it appeared like sobbing was all he could do.

Paul had to care for his children on his own when his wife died. He did not employ a nanny and cared for his children on his own. Many people assumed that Paul would struggle to raise his children alone, but he insisted that this was not the case. He stated:

“I honestly like it; raising a small child is a delight.”

He enjoyed it and found it educational for being a father. Paul was not fatigued by it, and he raised all of his children to be successful and self-sufficient. Heather does pottery, Mary takes photographs, Stella designs clothes, and James plays the guitar.

Paul did everything for his children, including driving them to and picking them up from school. While he had a great singing career, he valued his duty as a parent the most.

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