People were disappointed to learn that a three-year-old’s b-day party cost $39,000, until they heard the whole story…

When Eric Lembo and Trang Nguyen started arranging their daughter’s third birthday celebration, it is very unlikely they were expecting a reaction on social media to arise.

The news that the couple had spent $39,000 on the party, however, rapidly went viral, and in no time at all, social media was swamped with critical comments from people all over the world.

Many people had the opinion that the funds should have been distributed to those in need, even though, it’s well knowledge that this family gives generously of their wealth for the benefit of other people as well to charitable organizations on a regular basis.

In point of fact, Eric was once so giving that he paid for the whole of a wedding that was held for a person he had never met.

When he found out that the future wife was suffering from a life-threatening condition, he had no choice but to try to make things better for her.

In addition, the manner in which the $39,000 was spent demonstrates that the purpose of this celebration was not only to show their daughter how much they love and appreciate her by lavishly showering her with presents.

Instead, the purpose of this gathering was to support family members who were in attendance, including the mother of the 3-year-old, Trang, and her family.

Trang and her family are previous residents of a refugee camp for Vietnamese people and because they were raised in such circumstances, Trang and her family have a profound appreciation for the significance of monetary wealth.

Because of this, it was very essential to Eric to do something really unique, and not only for his daughter, but also for his wife and her whole family!

And because Trang is of Vietnamese descent and Eric is of Italian descent, celebrating a small child’s birthday with a big family gathering is a custom that is shared by both cultures.

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