People were furious after Kate Hudson posted a photo of her 3-year-old child in a stroller. Here’s how she responded to all of her critics

Kate Hudson was out walking with her 3-year-old daughter, Rani Rose, in New York City when some judgmental people entered the discussion. People blasted her for wearing socks with sandals in the comments section of a recent Instagram photo the actor published, asked her to film another rom-com, and urged her to be careful on city streets. The worst thing was when they expressed their thoughts about Rani riding in a stroller.

On Monday, the “Truth Be Told” star shared a stunning Instagram photo of herself and Rani, whom she shares with fiancé Danny Fujikawa, out for a stroll in New York City. “Someone’s turning into a little city girl,” she captioned the photo. Hudson is dressed in pants, a white tank top, and white sandals and socks. Her baseball cap and sunglasses complemented her relaxed style, and her long blonde hair was drifting gently in the wind.

Hudson, who is also the mother of Ryder Robinson, 18, with Chris Robinson, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 10, with Matt Bellamy, is shown carrying Rani in a stroller through a crosswalk. In the sun, the tiny child squints and smiles for the camera. She’s dressed in rainbow-print leggings with stars, a pink tulle top, and gold sandals, and she appears to be having a good time with her mother.


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The shot is wonderful, and many polite people agreed. “Cuteness overload,” one user said. “Look at the utter delight in her smile! Fantastic!” said another. “P.S., I adore the DIOR sandals.”

“Rani brightens my day!” Another was written. “I adore her dress choices… very cute,” another person said.

In between were jokes about socks and sandals (one guy remarked, “Socks AND Sandals?!?”) and movies. “Kate, we need a fun rom-com with you!” a fan commented. “Stay cautious out there,” another advised, presumably regarding being in New York City. These are harmless enough, but the individuals who commented about Rani riding in a stroller were really ridiculous.

“Too huge for a stroller,” one user said.

“Also becoming a little big for a stroller,” another added, trying to deflect with loving emojis.

Someone said, “Isn’t she a little too big for a stroller?”

“Her legs have not been fractured.” “Walk, little child,” said another.

“Do toddlers this big still ride in strollers?” “There’s no mother here,” said another.


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Others stood up for her. “I knew right away that some people would comment about the stroller,” one remarked. “Strollers and pushchairs are quite useful in cities, especially on hot days. @katehudson and any mother will tell you that you do whatever is best for your child and you. You do anything you can to make your lives easy. “For crying out loud, she’s a loving mother of three; she knows what she’s doing.” “Hey stroller/pushchair cops!” shouted another. It’s none of your business, your child, or your day out. Jog on.”

Moms are exhausted. Keeping the kids alive while also having fun with them might feel difficult, so every little bit helps. Maybe Rani enjoys darting into oncoming traffic, and her mother wants some peace of mind. Maybe they’ve been out all day and the little girl—who is just three years old!—is exhausted. Perhaps parents just want a break, and filling up the stroller makes their day a little simpler.

Allow big kids to ride in strollers, allow women to wear sandals with socks, and pause before commenting on another mom’s parenting abilities. Then put your phone down and do something else.

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