Peter Reckell, “Days of Our Lives” star, has been married for 26 years to his “gorgeous” wife after his marriage to his soap opera co-star failed. The couple has one child and has revealed why they will not have any more

Peter Reckell is best known for his role as Bo Brady in the renowned television serial opera “Days of Our Lives.” Reckell, aside from being a dedicated actor, is also a loving husband and parent. Reckell has been married for a whopping 26 years.

Reckell departed “Days of Our Lives” after 23 years after his character died in the arms of his wife, Hope Williams Brady, in a dramatic death. Reckell chose to leave the program in 2015 after achieving worldwide recognition and financial comfort through it. Kristian Alfonso, his on-screen wife, left a few years later.

This was not Reckell’s first time leaving the program, but it looks like it will be his last. In 1987, the actor said he was leaving the show because he needed a break from the show’s busy production schedule. He spent the following several years on “Knots Landing” before returning to “Days of Our Lives” a short time later.

Followers reacted to Moneymaker’s tweet by remarking on how great they looked together.

In 1992, Reckell departed the show again, claiming he was “searching for new things.” He spent the following three years in Russia making a low-budget film called “Broken Bridges” and working in musical theater. He eventually returned to “Days of Our Lives” in 1995, citing a necessity to pay his expenses as the reason.

Although it was “exciting” to be a destitute actor, his position on the popular soap opera series paid nicely. He left the program for the final time after earning enough money to last him a while, leaving admirers wondering, “What happened to you in the world of acting?” “You appear to have vanished.” Yet, the program has teased his reappearance on March 16 once more.

While Reckell’s life is extremely quiet, his wife, Kelly Moneymaker, does disclose certain details on social media. Reckell and Moneymaker have been together for almost two decades, after meeting after the actor’s first marriage to his “Days of Our Lives” co-star, Dale Kristien, failed.

Reckell shared a photo of his lone daughter on Twitter in 2019.

Reckell is clearly not the only notable member of the family. Moneymaker has created a reputation for herself as a vocalist and musician. The guitarist has released solo material and has frequently performed with the band Exposé, whom he joined in the 1990s. She recently performed with the band at a reunion event in Washington state.

To commemorate their 26th anniversary, Moneymaker shared two photos of them together, one from their wedding day 24 years ago and another from more recently. The happy pair could be seen beaming as they embraced in front of a lake in the first photo. In the second, they’re cooking and smiling at the camera.


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Публикация от Kelly Moneymaker (@kellymoneymaker)

Both Reckell and Moneymaker are showing their age in the second shot, with a few gray hairs and wrinkles. Moneymaker captioned the photo, thanking Reckell for their years together. She thanked him for all of their experiences and the closeness they’d enjoyed for over 30 years. She stated:

“26 years together and 24 years married! Peter, happy anniversary! “It’s been a crazy and beautiful journey!”


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Публикация от Kelly Moneymaker (@kellymoneymaker)


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Kelly Moneymaker (@kellymoneymaker)

Followers reacted to Moneymaker’s tweet by remarking on how great they looked together. Several others also commented on Moneymaker’s attractive appearance, writing, “You look amazing, Kelly. Your hair is stunning.” “You look beautiful!” says another commenter on the post. and “As always, you look stunning.”

Despite their hectic schedules, Reckell and Moneymaker have dedicated parents to their 16-year-old daughter, Loden Reckell. In October 2007, the couple welcomed their daughter. Although they attempt to keep her out of the spotlight, they can’t help but share a photo of her every now and again.

Reckell shared a photo of his lone daughter on Twitter in 2019. The photo shows the then-12-year-old embracing a tree at a student march to raise awareness about climate change. The pleased father captioned the lovely photo he shared with his fans:

“During the Climate Change Student March, my little environmentalist had to stop and hug a tree.”

Reckell is a caring and loyal husband, and he also loves his only daughter very much. He is a big fan of his wife’s work and even tweeted good luck to her and her fellow artists before their shows. In 2014, he posted a photograph of Moneymaker and other musicians with the caption “Divas in the dressing room!!! Xxx ‘ “Have a great time, ladies!”

Moneymaker commemorated their 23rd anniversary by posting a picture to Twitter. The photograph showed Reckell and Moneymaker smiling gleefully at the camera while the wind ruffled their hair. The actress captioned the photo, wishing her spouse a happy anniversary, saying:

“Early anniversary of 23 years of marriage/25 years together!” I look forward to another 25 years of adventure with you, my dear spouse! “Congratulations on your anniversary.”

Reckell and Moneymaker discussed their decision to have only one child. Although the couple adores their daughter and would love to raise another child, they have chosen to have only one child in order to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to population control.

Peter is an environmentalist who believes in living a healthy lifestyle. Like Mick Jagger, the actor does yoga to keep fit and pilates to maintain his upper-body strength. He prefers to ride his bike nine miles to work and has abandoned his standard automobile in favor of an electric car.

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