Pierce Brosnan’s remarks on the body shaming comments his wife has been getting…

When Brosnan, now 69, and Keely Shaye Smith, now 58, were married for the first time, everyone was entranced by how utterly lovely they were as a couple, as they were both very attractive. Keely Shaye Smith was the younger of the two, while Brosnan was the older.

Due to the fact that Smith put on some more weight after giving birth to their two children, she received a lot of severe criticism over the way that she looked.

Brosnan has shown time and time again that the most important factor to him in a beautiful woman is not what other people think of his wife or what conventional beauty standards imply; rather, it is the lovely personality that his wife has.

Brosnan had a difficult time coping with the many challenges he was presented with, but fortunately, he had Smith by his side to encourage and assist him in every way that was feasible.

Since she was there for him in his hour of greatest need, Brosnan has made it a point to protect his wife during their whole marriage.

The actor who used to play James Bond has been very open about the fact that his current wife assisted him in overcoming a difficult period in his life that followed the passing of his first wife and daughter.

Brosnan shared his thoughts about Keely, saying, “Keely has always been kind and empathetic, and she encouraged me to sorrow Cassie.”

When someone commented harshly on his wife looks, responded with harsh remarks of his own, their cruel insults, on the other hand, did not go ignored, and as a result, Facebook has temporarily banned them from using the network.

Brosnan said that even individuals they know have spoken some of the things that have been uttered and that her friends had offered to pay for surgery to help her lose weight.

“However, I am over over heels in love with every curve of her body… In my opinion, she is the most stunningly gorgeous lady alive. In addition to this, she is the mother of our five children.”

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