Pink gives a microphone to a 12-year-old girl, who then absolutely astonishes the crowd with her voice

People rarely have the opportunity to perform with their favorite performers. In reality, the vast majority of people will never have this opportunity. That’s why, in 2018, 12-year-old Victoria Anthony stated on Twitter that she wanted to meet the legendary pop artist Pink and see her perform at her upcoming Vancouver event.

Victoria is a self-taught musician who has been singing since she was a child. Because of the brilliance of her voice, you won’t think the child, who is just 12 years old, has so much expertise with music. She can sing and play the guitar and keyboard at the same time.

People were perplexed when she uploaded a video on Twitter asking to perform at Pink’s next concert and even mentioned the pop diva in the post. Victoria’s voice, on the other hand, quickly spread, and she was soon noted on news shows and popular online!

Despite this, she wasn’t sure Pink had even heard her message. She believed that because the pop artist was so busy, she had either disregarded or never received the message.

As a result, Pink’s May 12 concert at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver took Victoria and her mother by surprise. Pink quickly came to a halt in the middle of her show to inquire if Victoria was in the crowd. Victoria was able to meet her idol and even sing in front of her! Pink was also extremely taken aback by Victoria’s wonderful voice.

Pink interrupted the concert in the video, which was shared on Victoria’s Twitter and YouTube pages, and asked whether Victoria was there. “Are you the guy I read about in the news, then?” she said. “Are you singing?” When Victoria and her mother established that she was, in fact, that girl, Pink asked if they wanted to come to sing anything. Pink approached Victoria and her mother in the front row of the standing area immediately in front of the stage because they were unable to leave and join the stage. Pink quips that Victoria shouldn’t pass out because she was so happy at the time.

Pink arrived at Victoria’s house and introduced herself as Alecia, her real name. “You may sing whatever you want,” she said when she was asked whether she wanted to sing. Despite her obvious discomfort, Victoria made the decision to sing “Perfect” immediately. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to sing live in front of thousands of people for her favorite pop performer.

Victoria immediately began the song, and the voice that emerged was far more skilled than her years. Pink was immediately amazed. She mouthed “wow” multiple times, and her expressions spoke for themselves. The fact that Victoria played so well acoustically and in front of such a large crowd is absolutely incredible. Her talent was obvious.

Pink embraced Victoria and encouraged her to “Never Stop” after her excellent performance. Hearing those comments from her hero must be the most inspirational thing for a little child. Pink then inquired about Victoria’s age, saying:

I used to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks when I was 12 years old.

Pink thanked Victoria once again before returning to the stage to continue the performance. Meanwhile, Victoria’s mother captured her daughter’s complete amazement on tape. She probably didn’t have time to understand all that happened in that short second, but luckily she had the tape to relive the event again and again.

Victoria published the video on her Twitter and YouTube accounts, and it has had over 16.5 million views on YouTube since then! Not only did Victoria receive the opportunity of a lifetime, but millions of others across the world have continued to enjoy and remember the event. It must be incredible to feel that way. Many people remarked on Pink’s thoughtfulness in enabling Victoria to perform. Someone stated:

“It’s really generous of the musicians to let audience members sing like that in front of such a huge crowd.” Pink’s kindness and the event will live with her forever. It’s adorable to see Josh Groban do the same thing.

View the video below:

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