Pink says that she is feeling “lonely” grieving the loss of her father and that “no one is ever going to love me like that again…”

The news that her father, a Vietnam War veteran named James Moore, had passed away at the age of 75 following a battle with prostate cancer was shared by the singer in the month of August 2021.

“When a daughter loses her father, the first idea that goes through her mind is, ‘No one is ever going to love me like that again,’ and it’s a really lonely feeling,” says Pink, who is 43 years old. “It’s a very difficult situation.”

“I hope that we could chat more often so that I could grill him with more questions,  As for the question that she would put to him today?

” ‘Did you like me?’ ” she says. “It is your responsibility as a parent to respect the decisions that your children make. Sometimes you feel like you should be able to stop them, but you know that you can’t.

And I didn’t understand it at the time, but looking back, I can see that my dad was intentionally withholding a lot of his genuine ideas so that I could make my own decisions. I’m interested in knowing, “What on earth were you thinking?””

The song “When I Get There,” which was written by Pink as a dedication to her father, is the first track on her newest album, Trustfall. Pink wasn’t the one who wrote the song, but when songwriters David Hodges and Amy Wadge sent it to her, she felt a strong connection to it.

“When he had gone away, they sent the song to me, and I took it as a token of their sympathy. It’s not possible for me to compose that music just now. The luggage is still in my possession, and I have not opened it.

Pink says, “I don’t believe I will for a long,” but adds, “but it’s such a simple, lovely song, and I love the thought that he may be someplace pleasant.”” When Pink first chose to pursue music as a career, her father was one of the first people to encourage and support her decision.

She referred to Jim in 2007 by saying, “He was my first rock star.”

In point of fact, he was a significant contributor to her musical path. The song “I Have Seen the Rain,” which he penned when he was fighting in the Vietnam War and which debuted on her album “I’m Not Gone” in 2006, was the first time that she learned how to sing harmonies.

“There is no doubt that his DNA runs through my veins. He is a warrior, a survivor, and the sort of person who doesn’t take any [s—-]”.

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