Pregnant dog’s maternity photo shoot will blow your mind

Expectant moms frequently commemorate their path to motherhood with a pregnancy photo shoot. Ana Paula Grillo, a Brazilian photographer who specializes in family photographs, was recently requested by a friend to photograph her pregnant dog, Lilica, and the results are adorable!

Like many pregnant women, Lilica seems to “glow” as she smiles and poses for the camera as if she’s been doing this her whole life.

The photo shoot only took a few minutes, yet the small dog struck some incredible poses, as seen in the photographs below.

Lilica gave birth to five healthy puppies the next day, and they were all taken into the household.

Grillo also helps with animals as a volunteer for animal rescue. As fortunate as Lilica is to come from a loving family, it is equally vital to urge pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs, not only for the animal’s health but also to help minimize the number of unwanted pets who may not be as fortunate as Lilica and her puppies!

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